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Wowza Media Server 3 Set-up (For Flash Streaming)

If you're launching on-line video and you desire to implement Flash Video streaming, you can utilize Wowza Media Server 3 for delivering your content. Freeman Compression can help you set-up your server on the PC and Mac platforms. We also provide can assistance for Wowza Media Server 3 set-up on Amazon's EC2. Training is also available for you or your staff on how to use the server and prepare your Flash streaming videos for your Streaming Server. Let us assist you with Live Streaming set-up, On-Demand streaming set-up and other applications on Wowza Media Server 3. In addition, we have a 1-Day On-line Wowza Media Server 3 Training that might be of interest to you. Contact us at 407.477.5837 or by E-mail at for more details.

Wirecast Live Streaming Consulting

Live Streaming is one of the most popular ways to deliver content on-line and Telestream's Wirecast is a great tool for this purpose. If you plan to implement Wirecast for your Live Streaming events or Broadcast channels, Freeman Compression can assist you with your set-up. We can assist you in setting up your Live Encoder for use with Windows Media Streaming Server, Wowza Media Server 3 (For Flash Streaming), QuickTime Streaming Server, Livestream, Ustream, or your Content delivery Network. Freeman Compression Inc. can provide you with consulting for Archiving Webcasts, Live streaming with RTSP, MMS and RTMP Protocols, and including Videos, Multiple cameras, Presentations, Picture-N-Picture, and Customized Lower Thirds in Webcasts. We also have a 1-Day On-line Wirecast Training that might be of interest to you.

Video Encoding Set-up for Sorenson Squeeze or Episode Pro

Many media professionals and editors no longer have to just edit videos but are now charged with encoding for Web Video, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, YouTube and other content delivery methods. Let Freeman Compression set-up Sorenson Squeeze or Episode Pro presets for encoding your Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Media, WebM, H.264, and Flash videos. We can create customized compression templates for your various encoding projects. Freeman Compression can also provide encoding services for your streaming project. Contact us at 407.477.5837 or by E-mail at for more details.

On-line Video Portal Set-up

With On-line video becoming more popular, many organizations have a need for On-line Video Portals. Let Freeman Compression create your On-line Video Portal and teach your staff how to keep it updated and how to add new video content on-line. We'll work with you to implement Windows Media, Flash Video, WebM, QuickTime or H.264 content in your video portal. Set-up of your On-line Video Portal can be done remotely or one of our consultants can come on-site to your location.

Live Streaming Set-up

If you want to set-up Live Streaming for your television channels and don't know how, Freeman Compression can assist you. We can set-up your Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media or H.264 Live Streaming channels and assist you with implementing Live Streaming into your website. If you desire on-going monitoring or support of your Live Streaming channels, that service is also available. Contact us at 407.477.5837 or by E-mail at for more information.

Live Encoding Services for Webcasts

Our company provides Live Encoding services for Webcasts. We're available to go on-site for your event anywhere in the U.S. We can provide Live Encoding for Flash, Windows Media, H.264 or QuickTime. Give us a call to get a quote from Freeman Compression Inc. to provide Webcasting for your next event.

JW Player Consulting

LongTail's JW Player has become one of the most popular Flash Players for video delivery. Our organization can assist you with implementing JW Player Plug-ins, Skins, Dynamic Streaming, Video Playlists, Watermarks, Ad Solutions, Google Analytics and other JW Player items. Contact us at 407.477.5837 or by E-mail at for more details. We can assist you with implementing your JW Player for Downloadable Streaming or Real-time Streaming with Wowza Media Server 2, Wowza EC2, Amazon Cloudfront and S3.

On-line and On-site Training

Freeman Compression is available on-line or on-site to assist you with Video Streaming and Compression consulting services. Our goal is to provide your staff with a quick and easy way to get familiar with providing streaming and compression services. Our consultants are available to provide training flexible to your busy schedules. We can provide consulting and training for your staff on Wirecast, Sorenson Squeeze, Episode Pro, Sawmill Professional, Wowza Media Server 3, Wowza EC2, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon S3, and JW Player. Other training topics are available by request.

Workflow Creation

Freeman Compression provides video compression workflow creation to improve the quality and efficiency of your video streaming projects. We can design a workflow for Exporting Videos from NLEs, Batch Encoding, Automatic FTP upload, Watch folder encoding and Authoring for your web pages.

Encoding for Mobile Devices

Let Freeman Compression assist you with Encoding for Mobile Devices. We provide assistance from encoding to delivery. We provide our expertise for organizations wanting to delivery On-demand and Live Streaming video to Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We also provide consulting services for organizations wanting to deliver Real-time Streaming video content to Blackberry, Android, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and other Smartphones.

Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 or E-mail us at info@freemancompression to request any of our consulting services.

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