FREE Episode Encoder, Wirecast and Sawmill Professional Training in Six U.S. Cities
The Free Trainings for December 2009 thru May 2010 are complete. On-line 1-Day Wirecast Live Streaming Training and 1-Day Episode Encoder Training is available from Freeman Compression Inc.
Episode Encoder Training

Episode EncoderLearn how to compress videos to formats like QuickTime, Real Media, Flash, Windows Media and H.264 in this training session. This session, taught by Video Streaming and Compression Instructor Derrick Freeman, gives users hands-on tips and tricks for utilizing Episode Encoder Pro. Class attendees will learn how to encode for batch encoding and watch folder encoding. This session will teach you how to customize compression presets along with teaching you how to encode videos for downloadable streaming and real-time streaming. A great feature of Episode is that you can include bumbers and trailers to be applied at the beginning and end of your output videos. This training session will show you how. The session will also discuss scalability from Episode Encoder standalone desktop applications up to Episode Engine server-based applications for higher volume and faster transcoding speeds.

Wirecast Training
wirecastThis Wirecast training session is great for non-technical professionals as well as video editors, web developers, producers and other media professionals. This training session will teach you how to set-up Live streaming for Flash and Windows Media. Also, learn how to include a presentation when webcasting with Wirecast. In addition to learning about many of the cool features found in Wirecast, you'll learn how to include videos and Picture-N-Picture in your webcasts.
Sawmill Professional Training
sawmill box This Sawmill Professional training is designed to instruct you on how to take advantage of one of the best tools for analyzing log files, Sawmill Professional.  Sawmill Professional provides amazing video analytics. In this training session, taught by Certified Sawmill Trainer Derrick Freeman, you'll learn how to process QuickTime Streaming Server, Windows Media Streaming Server and Wowza Media Server Pro log files. During this session you'll also learn how to process logs from Web Servers, Firewalls, and FTP servers. Learn great tips for unlocking all the great features of Sawmill Professional by turning hard-to-read logs into easy-to-read reports. During this session you'll learn how to resolve domain names, create custom reports, filter out unimportant database fields and gather data from specific cities and states. If you have specific cities that you want to target with a streaming media campaign, learn how Sawmill Professional can help you determine the success of your efforts.

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