1-Day Sawmill Professional Training

Class Summary: This Sawmill Professional training is designed to teach you how to take advantage of one of the best tools for analyzing log files.  With this tool you can analyze log files from Streaming Servers, Web Server, Apache Servers, Firewalls, FTP servers and many other devices. You’ll learn great tips for unlocking all the great features of Sawmill Professional by turning hard-to-read logs into easy-to-read tables. Our Certified Instructor will teach you how to process your log files. Learn how to resolve domain names, create custom reports, filter out unimportant database fields and gather data from specific cities and states. This training will also teach you other invaluable topics on log file analysis . When providing streaming videos on-line it’s important to be able to justify the need for streaming services to CEOs, Supervisors, Marketing Managers, TV Station Managers and other Professionals. Sawmill Professional helps you do that by providing detailed information about viewers, bandwidth usage, errors, most popular viewing days and many other items.  This class is available On-site and On-line.  Contact us at 407.797.5466 or E-mail us at info@freemancompression.com for more details about this training class.

In this training students will also learn:

  • How to Create Customized Reports
  • How to Resolve Domain Names
  • How to View Session Paths
  • Where to Locate Web Server and Streaming Server Log Files
  • How to Analyze Web Server and Streaming Server Log files
  • How to Analyze Apache Server, Firewall and FTP Server Log files
  • How to Use Filters for Remove Unwanted Data in a Report
  • How to Process Specific Time periods

Cost: $790
Class is available for Mac and PC platforms

Students are provided with the following:

  • Training certificate
  • 3 hours of post training technical support
  • Video recording of the entire training session

Featured Software for Class

Class Overview

1. Sawmill Set-up

This portion of the class will walk students through the process of setting up Sawmill Professional. Students will learn how to set up Profiles for various log types. You’ll learn how to add additional users, specify the folders where your log files are located and how to add DNS information to resolve Domain Names. This portion on the class will also teach you how to add a customized name for a report.

2. Interface Overview

Get a feel for the Sawmill landscape as you learn where the most important interface items are located. This training module unlocks details about all the key areas that you’ll use in building your reports. You’ll learn about items such as: View Reports,View Config, Users, More Options, Log Filters, Admin, Database Info and other items.

3. Locating Web Server and Streaming Server Log Files

Before you can analyze your log files you have to first be able to find them. In this training you’ll learn where to find log files for a Web Server, Windows Media Streaming Server, Quicktime streaming Server and Wowza Flash Streaming Server.

4. Processing Web Server Logs

During this training you’ll learn how to set up your profile for performing log file analysis of Web Server log files. In addition to learning how to process files from a web server you’ll also learn about the available database fields that can be found when processing web server logs.

5. Processing Streaming Server Logs

You’ll learn how to set up your profile for performing log file analysis of Streaming Server log files. In addition to learning how to process files from a streaming server you’ll also learn about the available database fields that can be found when processing streaming server logs. You’ll also learn about the differences in information found on a web servers and streaming servers.

6. Processing Apache Server Logs

Sawmill Professional is great for processing Apache Server log files. Learn how to create reports that contain Hits, Pageviews, Spiders, Worms, Errors and other data. You can also gather information on the Web Browsers and Operating Systems your viewers use. This class will teach you how to gather information about Authenticated Users, Search Engines, Referrers, Broken Links and Server Responses.

7. Processing Firewall Logs

This portion of the training will teach you how to create reports using your Firewall log files. You’ll learn how to gather important information about who is attempting to connect to your server. In the class, we’ll create reports that provide information on Source IP Addresses, Destination IP Addresses, Source Ports, Destination Ports, and Session details.

8. Processing FTP Server Logs

In this training module, our Certified Instructor will show you how to create detailed reports for activity occurring on your FTP server. Your report will include details on User Names, File Types, Client IPs, Sessions, and Errors. These reports are great for making sure only authorized users are connecting and downloading files.

9. Resolving Domain Names

In your reports under Client IPs with the default settings, your IP Addresses will be displayed in tables only as numbers unless you resolve the Domain Names. You’ll learn where to add you DNS information so that when you create you reports you can see the Domain that viewers are coming from. This is an extremely valuable feature of Sawmill Professional.

10. Utilizing Filters

It’s great to take advantage of using filters in Sawmill Professional. With filters you can choose not to include certain database fields and items in your report. For example, if you don’t want to include a certain Domain Name or IP Address in your report you can make sure the information doesn’t get included by using a filter. In this part of the class you learn about all the great tasks you perform by applying filters.

11. Creating Customized Reports

If you have specific information that you would like to get out of your report on a regular basis, you can create a Customized Report. You can name the report and only include those items that you’re interested in. You can even take your Customized Reporting to a whole new level by adding a Menu Item name on the left hand sidebar. This is an amazing feature and our 1-Day Sawmill Professional training class will teach attendees how.

12. Understanding Session Paths

Viewing Session Paths is one of the coolest features of Sawmill Professional. This is a very important feature that Marketing departments might be interested in. Learn how to view session paths in this training module. What’s unique about viewing Session Paths is that you can see which videos users are viewing and then see where they go after viewing one particular video. This is helpful because you can see the activity of your  streaming viewers after they view certain videos.

13. Getting City, State and Country Demographics

Users can process web server and streaming server log files right down to the City to get the information they need. If you have specific cities that you want to target with a streaming media campaign, you can see if your videos are being viewed by individuals in those particular cities. Let this class show you how to get statistics on cities as well as states and countries.

Sawmill Professional can also process Microsoft Exchange Server, McAfee, Cisco, Coldfusion, Interscan, NetGear, Novell, Oracle, Symantec, Watchguard, and Windows Event logs. In total the application supports 819 log formats.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our Sawmill Professional Trainings On-line or On-site.  Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.797.5466 for more information or e-mail us at info@freemancompression.com.  Individuals from any country can attend our On-line training classes.