1-Day Sorenson Squeeze Training

Class Summary:

This Sorenson Squeeze training is designed to give you a better understanding of Sorenson Squeeze and help you with future encoding projects. Sorenson Squeeze is one of the best kept secrets and this class will help you unlock its many benefits. In addition to learning about the Sorenson Squeeze 11 interface, students will learn about the different video input options, how to compression to various formats, how to compress content for iOS Devices, how to adjust compression settings and the process for encoding to tablets. Our Sorenson Squeeze 11 Training class is available In-class, On-site or On-line.  This class is great for Videographers, IT professionals, Video Editors, Producers and other Professionals. Contact us at 407.797.5466 or e-mail us at info@freemancompression.com for more details about this training class.

In this training students will also learn:

  • How to encode to QuickTime, WebM, Flash, Windows Media, VC-1 and H.264
  • How to encode Real-time and Downloadable streaming videos
  • The process for encoding numerous videos using Watch Folders
  • How to FTP output files to a Streaming Server or a Web Server
  • How to set-up filters for encoding projects
  • How to encode for Adaptive Streaming

Cost: $790
Class is available for Mac and PC platforms

Students are provided with the following:

  • Training certificate
  • 3 hours of post training technical support
  • HTML5 Streaming Templates
  • Video recording of the entire training session

Featured Software for Class

Sorenson Squeeze 11

Class Overview

1. Interface Overview

Your instructor will show you the different features of the interface to get you familiar with the Sorenson Squeeze. This part of the class will cover Video Input, Filters, Format & Compression Setting, Batch Tree, Details, Publishing, and Preview Windows.

2. Video Input Options

For this training module you will learn how to use the different video input options. Learn how to input stand-alone videos, use watch folders and capture video all within the Squeeze application. You can input several stand-alone videos for batch encoding or encode a large amount of videos for hands-free encoding.  Capturing videos from a video camera or video deck with Sorenson Squeeze 11 is one of the application’s greatest benefits. Learn how this is done in this portion of the class.

3. Encoding Downloadable Streaming Videos

You will encode videos for downloadable streaming in formats such as: QuickTime, H.264, Windows Media, WebM. This part of the class will teach you how to get the quality you desire for your downloadable streaming videos by teaching you how to adjust the various Format & Compression Settings for your desired format in Sorenson Squeeze 11. Learn how to take a compression preset and customize it for better quality.

4. Encoding Real-time Streaming Videos

Learn how to encode QuickTime, H.264, and WebM videos for a Streaming Server.  You will also learn how to encode Windows Media, and WebM videos for real-time streaming.  This portion of the class will inform you on different tools to use when compressing your videos for Streaming Servers.

5. Format and Compression Settings

This training module will cover the details of adjusting the different presets under the Format and Compression Settings. Learn how to set parameters such as: Data rate, Sample Size, Sample Rate, Encoding Method, Frame Size, Frame Rate and Key Frame Every. This portion of the class will help demystify many of the compression settings in Squeeze.

6. Working with Filters

You will learn how to adjust your filters for your compression projects. Learn when to use Deinterlace, Noise Reduction, Normalize Audio, Hue, Brightness, Contrast, and Cropping filters.  You will learn how to apply filters to your videos as well as specifying a default filter for all compression jobs.

7. Encoding for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Students will learn how to compress video content for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using Sorenson Squeeze 8.5. Participants will learn how to adjust their compression settings to get high quality results using the proper compression profile. Attendees will also learn the best frame sizes and data rates to use when delivering to Apple devices. The instructor will also share with students how these videos can be delivered on the Wowza Streaming Engine.

8. Encoding for Adaptive Streaming

The industry has been revolutionized with the emergance of adaptive streaming. Now instead of users needing to choose at data rate when watching on-line videos, they can be automatically directed to the proper data rate for their bandwidth connection. One of the most important items to allow this experience to work is proper encoding, since you’ll have to encode to several data rates for each video. By taking this class, students will become very comfortable with preparing for adaptive delivery.

9. Encoding for Tablets

In this portion of the training class you’ll learn the the process for compressing your videos to tablets such as Samsung, Galaxy, Amazon Kindle Fire and others. You’ll understand data rates, frame sizes and other settings that can be used for video delivery to tablets. Our instructor will give you a better understanding of how to prepare your video content for these types of devices.

10. Encoding for Mobile Devices

With so many mobile devices available today, it’s essential to know how to prepare streaming content for these devices. Many individuals usually spend hours trying to understand how to get videos to playback on the various devices properly. This training module will get you familiar with things quickly and will allow you to be comfortable with encoding to Android devices and the many other smartphones available on the market today.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our Sorenson Squeeze Trainings On-line or On-site.  Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.797.5466 for more information or e-mail us at info@freemancompression.com.  Individuals from any country can attend our On-line training classes.