Limelight Networks Unveils New Services for the Enterprise

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Limelight Networks announced new and upgraded services designed to address the evolving requirements of Global 1000 financial, public sector, and enterprise IT departments and operators of e-commerce storefronts. These new capabilities meet the needs of companies looking to reach customers, prospects, employees, and other targeted users on an array of mobile and connected devices.

New enterprise services from Limelight Networks include:

  • A next-generation version of Limelight SITE
  • A new Content Storage solution supporting incremental storage upgrades
  • A Traffic Balancer solution for distributing site traffic to improve performance and reduce risk
  • An enhanced version of Limelight REACH for mobile delivery
  • New features in Limelight CONTROL for better service visibility and customization
  • A technology preview of an edge-computing service

“Today we have expanded the set of services we provide to enterprise IT departments and e-commerce retailers with new capabilities that go beyond site acceleration to value-added edge computing, mobility, and data center services. Together, these services can help customers achieve their business objectives by increasing sales conversions, improving customer support, and increasing employee productivity. We are enabling customers to create brilliant interactive online brand experiences, all while increasing infrastructure efficiency and helping customers extend their IT resources,” said David Hatfield, senior vice president, Limelight Networks, Inc.

Each new service introduced today fully supports Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), the next-generation protocol that is transforming the basis of communications on the Internet. As companies continue to strategize for their own IPv6 migrations, they can gain peace of mind knowing that all Limelight content delivery services and the company’s global network platform are fully IPv6-enabled.

The Limelight SITE web acceleration service helps increase visitor loyalty and reduces operating costs by providing a consistent web experience from any location. Building on the successful March 2009 launch, the latest version of this service offers more control over cache management, SSL support, increased failover options, and integrated content security options. The service includes Origin Direct technology, which accelerates traffic by routing it over Limelight’s private, network-based infrastructure, rather than through the congested “middle-mile” of the Internet. This enables consistent, high-fidelity performance of static, dynamic, personalized, and rich media content.

Debuting with SITE is Content Storage, Limelight’s new high-performance CDN storage architecture. This service provides customers with a virtual continuous environment for storing content. Instead of requiring new hardware for every customer upgrade, the Content Storage service offers a modular solution that spans multiple servers for fast and flexible scalability.

Also unveiled today is Traffic Balancer, a new service that offers customers a way to distribute site traffic among multiple origin sources, or even multiple content delivery service providers. Customers can define how traffic loads are managed and enjoy both improved site performance and lower delivery risk. The Traffic Balancer service works at the DNS level to allocate traffic dynamically based on customer parameters.

The Limelight REACH mobility service today adds support for enterprises and retailer environments. The solution uses Limelight’s intelligent auto-detection technology to distribute properly formatted rich media content to almost any mobile or connected device. REACH can: help improve communications with remote or off-site employees by delivering optimized content to a trusted mobile device; enhance the in-store purchase experience by delivering on-demand video to a mobile handset; or provide a rich-media experience to mobile customers.

Also today, Limelight Networks introduces a technology preview of a framework for edge computing-as-a-managed-service. Using the massive processing capacity available in Limelight’s dense regional server clusters, along with programmable, virtual environments called “stacks,” customers will be able to execute real-time code right at the network edge. Each stack provides virtualization technologies to contain individual applications and ensure consistent allocation of resources.

Limelight’s Global Professional Services organization provides enterprise IT and marketing departments with turnkey solutions for infrastructure optimization, website management, online marketing campaigns, live corporate events, and product launch announcements.

Additionally, all customers are supported by the CONTROL management and reporting portal, which provides visibility into their online businesses and control of Limelight Networks services. Through CONTROL, customers can create custom reports for site traffic, top URLs, most-requested content, storage usage, sub-accounts, or by content “tag.” They can also set real-time alerts or use a web services (SOAP) interface to export data into their own analytics systems. Through the Self Provisioning tool, customers can add or manage their delivery services, upload or purge content, and add administrators to their account.

Free Wirecast and Episode Encoder Pro Training in Las Vegas

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Free Wirecast and Episode Encoder Pro Training takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada Saturday, April 10, 2010. The training will take place at the Courtyard Las Vegas Convention Center. If you’re going to be in Las Vegas before NAB starts and need to get familiar with video streaming and compression, then make sure you attend the Free Episode Encoder Pro and Wirecast Training. The training will get you up to speed with video encoding using Telestream’s Episode Encoder and webcasting with Telestream’s Wirecast. Attendees will learn how to encode videos for downloadable streaming and real-time streaming and also learn about 1-pass and 2-pass encoding as well as many other technical items related to video compression. The training day also includes Instructor and Video Streaming and Compression Consultant, Derrick Freeman, teaching attendees how to set up Windows Media and Flash Live Streaming using Telestream’s Wirecast. You can Click Here to Register for the Event in Las Vegas.

Wowza Media Server Offers Media Security Support

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Wowza Media Server 2 offers Media Security support for those that need to provide secure streaming of their video content.  If you have content that you want to prevent others from viewing, you can do this using the Wowza Media Server.  You can lock down content with Media Security for On-demand and Live Streaming content.  You can also prevent who can send Live Streams to to the Wowza Media Server and force a password to be used for playback.  For On-demand content, you can also force as password to be used for playback.

The Wowza Media Server 2 has many features and gives user the ability to be creative and build their own custom applications for delivering Live and On-demand Streaming content.  To learn more on how to use the Wowza Media Server 2 attend one of Freeman Compression’s Wowza Media Server 2 Training Classes.   Our company is also available for Wowza Media Server 2 Consulting.  Give us a call at 407.477.5837 for more information or E-mail us at

Sorenson Spark Video Decoder Included in New Lenovo Skylight Smartbook

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Sorenson Media announced that its Sorenson Spark video decoder has been licensed by Lenovo to be included in the new Lenovo Skylight smartbook. Sorenson Spark will enable the innovative mobile consumer device to play the widest selection of videos available on the Internet.

Sorenson Media’s Sorenson Spark decoder was the first codec used in Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash, today’s de facto standard for Web video. Sorenson Spark is the industry’s most ubiquitous video decoder and enables the playback of hundreds of millions of videos on the Internet, including many of those on YouTube.

Announced in January 2010 and available in April 2010, the Lenovo Skylight harnesses the best of smartphones and netbooks to create a new device that boasts a sleek and slim design, all day battery life, robust wireless connectivity and custom interface with live Web gadgets. The optimized Sorenson Spark decoder is available on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ chipset, which gives the Skylight its powerful combination of mobile processing performance, optimized power consumption, connectivity and powerful multimedia capabilities.

“The Sorenson Spark decoder completes the Lenovo Skylight’s multimedia package,” said Peter Gaucher, executive director of the Mobile Internet Products Idea Product Group at Lenovo. “By including this ubiquitous decoder, we will be able to enhance the full experience of the Skylight users by giving them full access to millions of videos on the Internet that can only be played back using the Sorenson Spark decoder.”

“We are excited to be working with Lenovo, a proven leader in the mobile computing industry,” said Douglas Cebik, director of business development of Sorenson Media. “Web video is a must-have in every new mobile device, and we’re pleased that Lenovo’s unique Skylight smartbook device will now have access to the full world of Internet video.”