Telestream Releases Episode 6 Video Encoding Software

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Telestream, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, announced release of Episode 6, the only cross-platform, multiformat software encoder on the market that offers scalability from the desktop to a workgroup or server cluster. Episode Version 6 brings industry-first One Click Clustering with integrated file sharing to content owners, professional videographers, and post-production facilities. This powerful new feature allows users to easily pool resources and share encoding tasks across multiple computers in a mixed environment of PC and Mac computers. A new, intuitive user interface with graphical workflow builder simplifies the encoding process. New deployment capabilities in version 6, including automatic uploading to YouTube, enable greater audience reach.

“Setting up a cluster couldn’t be easier,” reports Brent Kirsten, Owner and Creative Director at digitalcore, a San Francisco video production and post facility. ” With Episode’s simple clustering features, it’s effortless to maximize our horsepower when we need it. We’ve been waiting for a solution like this for our SAN; it will save us hours of time.”

Dylan Armajani, System Administrator at New York-based 24-hour lifestyle network, Plum TV concurs, “We love Episode 6 and plan to deploy it in all nine of our locations. It is an incredibly feature-rich and robust program with a straight-forward user interface that even novice users can operate with very little training. Within 10 minutes of receiving the product, I had our watch folders delivering numerous different encodes: to our CDN for web playback, to our video playout servers for broadcast, and another straight to YouTube. From one watch folder I could push a single video to all of our various destinations.”

New video format support includes WebM, the web media format, based on the VP8 open source video codec, as well as high-quality Main Concept H.264 and MPEG formats. Because of Episode’s high-quality 10-bit processing, Telestream has been licensed to distribute the Apple ProRes codec, which enables native decoding and encoding in the Mac version of Episode 6 right out of the box.

New deployment capabilities allow users to automatically deliver completed content using standard network delivery protocols, and upload content to popular video sharing websites like YouTube. All these new capabilities are easily accessible through the new user interface and graphical workflow builder, which allows users to visually create and view the steps in their encoding process. Video compressionist Jan Ozer describes the new user interface as “brilliant” in his Episode 6 video tour which can be found on

Episode is an all-in-one video encoder that provides extensive format support for post-production, new media, web and mobile encoding environments. Best-in-class video processing, full 10-bit support and hands-on control with frame-by-frame video preview allow users to generate excellent picture quality. For time-critical workflows, parallel encoding and unique Split-and-Stitch technology allow users to distribute files across a cluster of Mac or PC servers or saturate the processing power of a single machine to achieve remarkable encoding speeds.

20 Reasons for Implementing Wowza Media Server 2

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Here are 20 Reasons for Implementing Wowza Media Server 2:

1. Flash On-demand Streaming to Desktop
2. Flash Live Streaming to Desktop
3. Secure On-demand Flash Streaming to Desktop
4. Live Streaming to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone
5. On-demand to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone
6. MPEG-TS Live Streaming
7. Re-streaming of RTSP IP Cameras
8. Re-streaming of RTSP Streams to Flash
9. Re-streaming of RTSP Streams to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone
10. Re-streaming of SHOUTCast Live Streams
11. Authentication for Flash Live Streaming
12. Server-side TV Channel Style Streaming
13. Server-side Live Streaming Recording
14. Video Chat
15. Text Chat
16. On-demand Real-time Streaming to Mobile Devices
17 Load Balancing with Multiple Servers
18 On-demand Dynamic Streaming
19. Multiple Bitrate iPhone Streaming
20. Secure Streaming to iPhone and iPod Touch

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Consistent Audio Levels Are Needed for TV Channel Streaming with Wowza Media Server

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Consistent audio levels are needed for TV Channel Streaming with Wowza Media Server. This is something that you have to keep in mind when encoding On-demand Streaming video content for your On-line TV Channel.  The key will be making sure you are setting proper audio levels during the video production process.  Then your video compression techniques and filters need to stay consistent every time you’re performing your encodes.

Outside of the video encoding process if you choose to insert Live Streaming events within your channels you need to ensure that your audio levels match.  Performing testing before your channel goes live will help with this.  Once your audio levels are set properly in your live encoder save your settings and keep them the same for every Live Streaming event.  These techniques will help to make sure you have consistent audio levels for your TV Channel Streaming with Wowza Media Server.

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