Accordent Presenter Pro for Syncing Slides in Webcasts

Posted by Derrick on April 29, 2011 under Video Streaming and Compression | Comments are off for this article

Accordent Presenter Pro is a great solution for Syncing Slides in Webcasts. This webcast solution is a great route to go with if you have a large budget available and want to be finished once the webcast is over. Webcasting with Presenter Pro supports three flavors of streaming: Flash, Real Media and Windows Media.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you move forward with Syncing Slides in Webcasts with Presenter Pro:

  • You’ll convert your PowerPoint Slides prior to your webcast
  • A yearly support contract will be needed for Accordent Presenter Pro tech support
  • There is a little post clean up work that might be needed after the webcast
  • Someone will need to advanced through the slides to perform the Syncing.

Overall, budget and post webcast work will determine whether you’ll take the Accordent Presenter Pro approach.