Setting Up Flash Media Server 4.5

Posted by Derrick on September 25, 2011 under Video Streaming and Compression | Comments are off for this article

Setting Up Flash Media Server 4.5 is much easier than it was in back in 2006. This is great for those that need to get familiar with Flash Streaming and would like to use Adobe’s platform. This will benefit many users that are familiar with streaming on Wowza Media Server. If you can create applications with Wowza Media Server then you’ll be able to them on Flash Media Server 4.5.

For basic set-up of Live Streaming and On-demand Streaming with a graphical user interface Flash Media Server 4.5 will great for users. More advanced concepts will be more challenging and will take more testing. I’ll be sharing my experiences as I get acclimated with Flash Media Server 4.5. This will be helpful for many, so stayed tuned.