Video Encoding Training (1-Day)

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Video Encoding Training (1-Day) Overview: This class will help you become familiar with video encoding process. Your instructor will teach you many best practices in ensuring that your videos are compressed properly. You’ll learn how to encode video content for Desktops, iOS devices, Android tablets and Mobile Devices. Class participants will be educated hands-on with the steps to encode videos using Sorenson Squeeze. During the training, you’ll become with encoding to formats such as WebM, VP9, QuickTime, ProRes, H.265 and H.264. Most importantly, you’ll be able to take the information in learn in our training class andlogo-switch-1024x1024 apply it to any compression tool. This class is an excellent fit for video professionals, IT Professionals, media professionals, web developers, web designers, government producers, church video production teams, network engineers and educational professionals that need to learn the encoding process. Our 1-Day Video Encoding Training class is available On-site or On-line. Contact us for more details.

Cost: $790

Class is available for Mac and Windows platforms

In this training students will learn:

  • How to encode for HTML5 Delivery
  • How to encode for Adaptive Streaming HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Best Practices for Streaming
  • How to encode to QuickTime, Windows Media, H.264, WebM and H.265 video formats
  • What the best CODECS are for their streaming formats
  • How to customize a compression preset for better quality.
  • Benefits of 1-Pass CBR, 1-Pass VBR, 2-pass CBR, 2-Pass VBR, and Multi-pass methods
  • Knowledge of Deinterlacing, Key Frame Every, Frames Per Second, and other items
  • How to encode videos using Sorenson Squeeze

Students are provided with the following:

  • Training certificate
  • 3 hours of post training technical support
  • Video recording of the entire training session

Featured software for the class:

  • Sorenson Squeeze
  • Switch
  • Media Info


1. Video Encoding Overview
One of the most important elements of the video compression process is working with CODECs. Learn what CODECs are and which CODECs should be used when compressing to WebM, ProRes, QuickTime, and H.264. This class will help you understand how to choose the right Video and Audio CODECS for your projects. This class will also cover the differences between MPEG-4 Part 2 and MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC/H.264). You also learn about CODECS and container formats are used to delivery to HTML5 compatible browsers and whether you should use OGG, WebM or H.264.

2. Overview of Streaming Media Formats
In this portion of the class we will go over the streaming formats and will review the good and bad of each. We’ll cover QuickTime, H.265, Windows Media, H.264, H.265 and Vp9. Not only will you learn about each format’s advantages and disadvantages but you will learn first-hand which CODECS to use for your streaming media projects in this hands-on training.

3. Hands-on Compression with Sorenson Squeeze
Students will learn basic and advanced tips for encoding their videos with Sorenson Squeeze. You will learn how to properly encode for H.264, H.265, QuickTime, Vp9, WebM, and other formats. Students will also learn how to create watch folders, trim videos, customize format compression settings, use watermarks and customize filter settings. In this training section, class participants will also learn how to automate the process for uploading videos to a Streaming server or Website. Encoding for Interlaced and Progressive video content will also be covered in this training.

4. Hands-on Compression for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android Devices
Students will learn how to compress video content for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices using Sorenson Squeeze. Participants will also learn how to adjust their compression settings to get a high quality result by selecting the following: Frame Size, Datarate, Video CODEC, Audio CODEC and many other settings. If you’re new to video encoding for iOS devices this class will be an excellent fit as it will allow you to become comfortable with the process.

5. Encoding Downloadable Streaming Videos
In this portion of the training, you will encode videos for downloadable streaming in formats such as: QuickTime, H.264, WebM. This class will teach you how to get the quality you desire for your downloadable or progressive streaming videos by teaching you how to adjust the various compression settings. This training module will teach you how to take a compression default preset and customize it for better quality.

6. Encoding Real-time Streaming Videos
This part of the class covers encoding real-time streaming files for QuickTime, WebM, H.265, and H.264 files. Get familiar with available options within each codec in this training section. Also, learn invaluable video encoding best practices for streaming delivery.

7. Encoding for Adaptive Streaming
The industry has been revolutionized with the emergance of adaptive streaming. Now, instead of users needing to choose at data rate when watching on-line videos, they can be automatically directed to the proper data rate for their bandwidth connection. One of the most important items to enable this experience is proper encoding, since you’ll have to encode to several data rates for each video. By taking this class, students will become familiar with compression for adaptive delivery such technologies as Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-DASH.

8. Encoding for Tablets
During this training, you’ll learn the the process for compressing your videos to tablets such as Samsung, Galaxy, Amazon Kindle Fire and other Android tablets. You’ll understand data rates, frame sizes and other settings that can be used for video delivery to tablets. Our instructor will give you a better understanding of how to prepare your video content for delivery to these devices.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our 1-Day Video Encoding Trainings On-line or On-site.  Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.797.5466 for more information or e-mail us at Individuals from any country can attend our on-line training classes.

Mediasite Deliveries Webcasts with Synched Slides

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Mediasite deliveries webcasts with synched slides. This high-end webcasting tool utilizes it’s own Mediasite server and encoder. It’s a costly tool but it simplifies the webcasting process. In many educational institutions, companies, and organizations this type of streaming tool would be useful. There’s a need to have live streaming events where viewers can watch a webcast and see video of the presenter as well as their PowerPoint slides. Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite tool provides this capability and many other features. With this streaming delivery option users can track webcast viewers, moderate questions, poll the audience, and even control who has access to view content. It’s a a great option for on-line teaching and training if you have a large budget. I’ll elaborate on more Mediasite features during my next blog post, so stay tuned.

You can call for Streaming consulting if you’d like to learn more about Mediasite and if it would work for your organization and projects. Contact Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 to get consulting on Mediasite. You can also e-mail us at

Wowza Training Gets Organizations Streaming Quickly

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Wowza Training gets organizations streaming quickly. This is important because many educational institutions, companies, media outlets and other organizations desire to offer streaming video content on websites, devices and set-top boxes. To do this, video production departments, IT professionals and other media groups have to get familiar with the process and also utilize a streaming server. Wowza Media Server is an extremely popular server and is one of the many server options that organizations can choose. For those individuals that would like to get more familiar with Wowza Media Server and video streaming and compression, they can take one of our Wowza Trainings.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our 1-Day Wowza Media Server 3.6 Trainings or Advanced 1 1/2 Day Wowza Media Server Trainings. You can attend the training On-site, On-line, in Orlando, Florida or in Columbus, Ohio. You can also call for Wowza consulting if you’re not interested in one of the trainings. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at Contact us about training times for your country if you are an international student.

Compression with Sorenson Squeeze and Episode

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Compression with Sorenson Squeeze and Episode can improve your workflow for file conversion and video encoding. These two tools are likely the most popular desktop encoding tools among compressionists, producers, multimedia professionals, video editors and IT professionals around the world. If you have a video or an audio file that it’s the wrong format, you can use either of these tools to encode it to the proper format. There are many delivery options these days and both tools can encode for computers and devices. You can compress videos to H.264, WebM, Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, and many other formats. Both Telestream and Sorenson Media have various options for purchasing Squeeze and Episode and the information is available on their websites.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sorenson Squeeze or Episode in one of our training classes, give us a call. You can attend our 1-Day Sorenson Squeeze Training or our 1-Day Episode Pro Training On-site, On-line or in Orlando, Florida. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at Contact us about training times for other countries if you are an international student.