Confirm Correct Time on Wowza Server for TV Channel Style Streaming

Confirm Correct Time on Wowza Server for TV Channel Style Streaming. This is an important tip for those deciding to set up this type of streaming. Before you get started with creating the playlists for you channel, you should first confirm the correct time on your server. You can easily do this by remoting into your server and checking the time that appears in the GUI. Now if your using Wowza Streaming Engine with Amazon EC2, keep in mind that this is likely in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This will save you a tremendous amount of troubleshooting time by understanding this information from the start. You can also confirm the server time by checking your Wowza logs.


In addition, as you’re testing your playlists, schedule items 10-15 minutes into the future to give yourself time to configure items and update schedules.

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