Creating Thumbnails in Sorenson Squeeze Desktop

Creating thumbnails in Sorenson Squeeze Desktop is helpful when you need a placeholder to appear on a blog or website before your streaming video plays. We’ll discuss this in part 8 of our “Encoding with Squeeze Desktop Series”. Some scenarios where you might use a thumbnail are when embedding videos using YouTube, posting an image on a Twitter post, or using one of the popular media players such as: THEOPlayer, Bitmovin HTML5 Player, JW Player, or FlowPlayer.

When you’re creating a thumbnail all you want to do is capture a still frame at some point in your video. Squeeze Desktop makes this easier to do from the Job Window where you see your video appear.

Now, in this process within Squeeze we will be creating a Video Still, but it’s technically a thumbnail that you can use as a video placeholder. Let me show you how to create your thumbnail.


To create your Video Still, import a video into Squeeze, and move your play head to the frame that would like for your thumbnail.


Next, slide the marker to the same position as your Play head


Now, within your applied preset in the Job Window, double-click the Markers text.


Click the “New” button and Double-click on Key frame or whatever text appears under Type for your new item.


Choose Video Still from the Pop-up menu and delete the Thumbnail item already there.


Video Still should only appear now.


Lastly, click the OK button.


That’s all to it. Click Squeeze It to start encoding your video and the Video Still (which is your thumbnail) will appear in the output location along with your video as a JPEG image.

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