Encoding with Squeeze Desktop Series – Part 1

We hope you enjoy our “Encoding with Squeeze Desktop Series“. This is the first installment to give you an overview of the many possibilities of the software. As your guide, I’ll take you on a journey to explore various features individually. As a background, I’ve been encoding with Squeeze since version 3 when it was called “Sorenson Squeeze 3 Compression Suite”, and that was 14 years ago. My favorite version was version 4.5 because of all of the great features it had at the time. Ok, enough about me; let’s get on with the series.

What I love about Squeeze is that the software can be used by novices as well as advanced users. This means as a beginner, you can have someone configure your compression presets and then use it regularly by dragged and dropping presets, filters, and publishing items to your encoding jobs. Better yet a compressionist can configure your software and you can use it as an encoding workstation (this means you use it only for video encoding jobs). In this case you’ll leave it on 24/7 and restart it periodically. What’s the beauty of the encoding workstation? All the user has to do is drag videos into a folder for encoding, and the video will encode and be uploaded/moved to your destination on a Streaming Server, FTP, or Network Share.


With expert users, they can dive into the software and see all the advanced features of the compression/codec settings to adjust items such as: profiles, levels, b-frames, pixel aspect ratio, buffer size, entropy encoding, and many other items. I think you get the picture.

During the rest of this series we’ll cover the following:

  • Video Preview
  • Publishing options
  • Video capture
  • Presets
  • Job Window
  • Compression Filters
  • Thumbnails
  • Watch folder encoding
  • Input Formats
  • Output Formats

Make sure you stay tuned and come back for the next installment of our Squeeze series where I’ll talk about the Video Preview.

Here are the other parts of this series written so far:

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We’ll add the other links later.

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