Gain a Better Understanding of Modules in Wowza Training

Gain a better understanding of Modules in our Wowza Training class. Wowza Streaming Engine is an excellent streaming server and can be used in many ways. The server can likely be the answer to your content delivery and streaming needs, but you’ll need to understand how to configure it. You can always hire a consultant to do that technical work for you.


If you do decide to work hands-on with Wowza, understanding Modules and how they work will be one of your key learning tasks. There are Server and Application Modules for Wowza Streaming Engine, and Wowza Media Systems does a great job creating documentation and guides to assist you in the learning process. If you’d rather not read the documentation and instead attend a training class, you should consider our 1-Day Wowza Streaming Engine Training. The class provides an excellent foundation for Wowza basics and also covers Modules and Properties.

Contact us about signing up to attend one of ourĀ 1-Day Wowza Streaming Engine Trainings On-line or On-site. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.797.5466 for more information or e-mail us at Contact us about training times for your country if you are an international student. Our company can also provide a consultant for your project needs if you’re not interested in training.