New JW Player 8 Version Available for Streaming Delivery

The New JW Player 8 Version is available for streaming delivery. One of the most popular media players leading the way in the JWPlayer.Logo.Redmarket has a new facelift. However, there are some items to consider before you perform and upgrade. For those self-hosting your player using JW Player 7, make sure you review the latest features before upgrading. RTMP and YouTube support are not available in the latest version 8. If you need RTMP or YouTube, you should hold onto your player for a little longer. Adaptive Streaming is the key these days and the latest player provides support for adaptive streaming technologies MPEG-DASH and HLS. Most importantly for the free users of the player, there is no longer a free version in JW Player 8. You’ll need to be prepared to pay $5 per month in an upfront yearly fee of $60 for the Starter version.  To get any future versions, you will need to upgrade within your account Dashboard.

Make sure you plan your migration from the old player slowly as to make sure you don’t have to update too many RTMP video URLs

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