On-demand Libraries Needed For ROKU Channels

On-demand libraries are needed for ROKU Channels. With ROKU channels, a totally different viewing experience can be provided for your audience. Instead of having network subscribers wait to watch programs at a specific time on a network, viewers can search through the on-demand video library for great content as well. One of the great selling points for ROKU channels is the wealth of video content that can be made available for viewers.


I’ve noticed that many popular cable/television networks don’t have a ROKU channel with an on-demand library available or it may be limited. This is a mistake, and I’m surprised by this. There are definitely adverstising opportunities available and viewers would love to have more choices for great content. I encourage cable/television networks to create an on-demand library for ROKU channels and add many genres to the collection. Your viewers will appreciate it and so will your advertisers.

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