Performing Log file analysis with Sawmill

Consider performing log file analysis with Sawmill. If you have some log files that you need to analyze, Sawmill is an excellent tool for this purpose. The log analysis tool can process almost any log on the planet. What’s also nice is you can customize reports, use macros, apply filters and zoom in to analyze data even more. With Sawmill you can resolve domain names, create users, assign user roles and perform a host of other task. A feature I think is very cool is the ability to create users accounts and assign them a Statistics Visitor role. This means you can have the user log-in from anywhere with Internet access to view stats without having access to Administrative settings. There are many more features found in this tool. You should at least download a 30 day trial of Sawmill. Get some Firewall, Web Server, Streaming Server, System, or FTP logs and analyze them with this tool.