Resolving Domain Names with Sawmill Professional

Posted by Derrick on December 4, 2009 under Video Streaming and Compression | Comments are off for this article

Resolving domain names with Sawmill Professional is one of the many features available in this log analysis tool.  If you don’t resolve the Domain Names, when you view Client IP Addresses you’ll only see numbers.  When you resolve the Domain Names you will actually see the domains that the IP Addresses are associated with. This tutorial will walk you through how to resolve Domain Names using Sawmill Professional.

Let’s begin.  In Sawmill Professional under one of your profiles click View Config.

On the next page click the More Options tab and select Miscellaneous.

When the next page appears you’ll see two text boxes where you can input your Domain Name Server information.  They are labeled DNS server and Secondary DNS server.  Once you type in your DNS information make sure you check the Look up IP numbers using domain nameserver (DNS).  Next click the Save button and you’re done.

Now the next time you process your log files and view your reports you’ll see the Domain Names displayed similar to what’s above.  Make sure you choose Rebuild Database under Database Info. if you’ve already built your database without the DNS information included.

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