Sawmill Professional Key Tool for Log File Analysis

Sawmill Professional is a key tool for Log File Analysis.  If you’re delivering streaming video or audio content on-line you have to have a way of measuring your success.  You can do this by analyzing your Streaming Server or Web Server log files with Sawmill Professional to create Streaming Reports.  These reports are great because you can provide them for Directors, Managers, IT administrators, Public Affairs Directors and other Supervisors to justify the value of providing Streaming Media.

Now, for the record, Sawmill Professional can process over 800 log file formats, 844 formats to be exact.  Among the formats that Sawmill Professional can analyze are all the popular Streaming Servers.  This makes it a great tool for creating Streaming Reports for Relix Helix Universal Server, QuickTime Streaming Server, Darwin Streaming Server, Windows Media Streaming Server, Wowza Media Server and Adobe’s Flash Media Server. You can also create reports for IIS and Apache Server logs.

Here’s what I love about Sawmill!  You can create a report that caters to the interest of your Supervisor and one that caters to the needs of a Technical ‘worker bee’.  Each report can have information specific to the needs and interests of the individual.

In addition you can do the following in Sawmill:

  • Use Filters
  • Use Macros
  • Use Multiple Profiles
  • Resolve IP Addresses with DNS
  • Create Reports with Multiple Filters
  • Remotely Log-into a Server or Computer running Sawmill
  • Provide Remote Access for others to view reports and so much more

If you’ve never used Sawmill Professional download it from the the website and take it for a ‘test drive’ or sign-up for one of our 1-Day On-line Sawmill Professional Training classes. Freeman Compression Inc. provides Sawmill Training from a Certified Sawmill Trainer.