Get Familiar with Encoding and Video Compression

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Get familiar with encoding and video compression quickly, by participating in our 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Training class.  Today there are so many options for delivering streaming media and on-line content. Not only is video content provided on-line but now it also needs to be available on mobile devices, iOS devices, tablets and set-top boxes. Our 2-Day training will assist you with providing your videos on many platforms and covers such important topics as Adaptive Streaming, HTML5 Encoding, Video Codecs, Audio Codecs, WebM, Ogg, H.264 and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). You instructor will also teach you how to customize compression presets by setting values as 2-Pass CBR, 2-Pass VBR, Multi-pass, B-frames, 1-Pass VBR, Profiles, Levels and many more items. In addition to learning how to create presets, you’ll learn how to choose the correct data rate, frames per second, and resolution for your different types of deliveries. What’s great about the 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Training class is you can transfer the knowledge you learn to any compression software.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Training classes On-site, On-line or in Orlando, Florida. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at Contact us about training times for your country if you are an international student.

ROKU Streaming Channels Utilize Apple HLS Streaming

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ROKU streaming channels utilize Apple HLS Streaming. The technology known as Apple HLS is one of the several options for utiliziing Adaptive Streaming. Apple HLS is proprietary but it’s one of the best options to implement Adaptive Streaming because it works with iOS devices, Android devices and ROKU Channels. ROKU Channels can be subscribed to and watched on a ROKU set-top-box. You can either choose to have a Live Streaming ROKU Channel or an On-demand streaming ROKU channel. Both options will require you to create several bit rates of Live Streams and On-demand video content, therefore you’ll need to keep that in mind.

If you’d like to have Freeman Compression create a ROKU Streaming Channel for you give us a call. Contact Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at

Digital Rapids Redefines Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming Performance and Quality with StreamZHD Live ABR

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Digital Rapids — the leading provider of tools and solutions for bringing television, film and web content to wider audiences — unveiled the new StreamZHD Live ABR encoder, the industry’s highest-performance Adaptive Bit Rate streaming system. The latest model in the StreamZ Live family, StreamZHD Live ABR encodes and streams live HD and SD content at unparalleled quality for delivery through the latest generation of adaptive streaming technologies.

StreamZHD Live ABR supports the Dynamic Streaming capabilities of Adobe® Flash Media Server®; adaptive HTTP streaming to Apple® iPhone® mobile devices, and Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming to Microsoft® Silverlight® powered viewing experiences. StreamZHD Live ABR is also easily extensible to support additional adaptive delivery technologies, such as Adobe’s upcoming HTTP Dynamic Streaming (announced as Project Zeri).

Adaptive bit rate streaming enables higher-quality viewing experiences with television-like continuity and reliability on the Web and mobile devices. StreamZHD Live ABR creates multiple output streams at varying bit rates and resolutions from the input source. As the content is delivered to each viewer, the chosen adaptive delivery technology automatically switches between these streams to deliver the best possible quality based on the viewer’s current network and local system conditions. The results are consistent, uninterrupted viewing experiences up to HD quality even under dramatically changing network connectivity and playback conditions.

Building on Digital Rapids’ long-standing ability to output multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously in real time, StreamZHD Live ABR provides superior encoding performance for adaptive delivery. Combinations of up to seven HD and SD streams can be output simultaneously in real time from a single StreamZHD Live ABR unit. StreamZHD Live ABR can output streams up to full 1920×1080 at 30fps in the H.264 compression format — including simultaneous 1080p and 720p outputs — and up to 720p with VC-1 compression. Multiple StreamZHD Live ABR systems can be synchronized to encode the same source for adaptive streaming applications requiring a greater number of simultaneous streams. A single StreamZHD Live ABR unit can also create outputs for multiple platforms — such as the Web and iPhone — concurrently.

Adaptive bit rate technologies also minimize the initial viewing delay typical with earlier streaming methods, providing fast start-up times approaching the immediacy of traditional television. The historical approach of content providers offering streams in two or three tiered bit rates for the viewer to select between — often with poor results under changing conditions or if viewers over-estimate their capabilities — is also no longer necessary. Viewers simply start viewing from a single engagement point, with the adaptive technologies managing the bit rate dynamically.

StreamZHD Live ABR combines all of these benefits with the proven advantages of Digital Rapids’ StreamZ Live encoder family, forming the ideal adaptive streaming platform. Advanced video pre-processing features including motion adaptive de-interlacing with pixel-level analysis and video noise reduction deliver superior visual quality with the most efficient use of bandwidth in the compressed result. Video adjustments and graphic overlay enable refinement of incoming sources and the addition of branding to output streams. Multiple StreamZHD Live ABR encoders can be combined with the scalable Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager software for enterprise-class management, automation, scheduling, multi-channel monitoring and failover.

“Our live encoding and streaming solutions have long been regarded as the quality leaders, but even with the best encoding quality, the viewing experience can be constrained by delivery challenges such as varying network bandwidth. StreamZHD Live ABR combines our superior quality and robust, enterprise-class features with advanced delivery mechanisms to significantly improve the viewer experience,” said Darren Gallipeau, Product Manager at Digital Rapids. “Higher quality and consistent reliability lead to longer viewer engagement times, which in turn offer greater monetization opportunities to content owners. Meanwhile, the exceptional performance of StreamZHD Live ABR lowers the cost of encoding for adaptive streaming by producing all of the outputs within a single unit.”

The new StreamZHD Live ABR model is now shipping. Full adaptive streaming capabilities are also available in Digital Rapids’ versatile StreamZHD multi-format, live and on-demand studio encoders.

StreamZHD Live ABR and other Digital Rapids solutions will be showcased in booth number SL6010 at the 2010 NAB Show, April 12-15 in Las Vegas. For more information about Digital Rapids, please visit

AEG Digital Media Teams with Inlet Technologies

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Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, announced that AEG Digital Media has selected Inlet’s Spinnaker technology to power high-quality streaming of premium media and entertainment events from around the world.

Inlet’s Spinnaker family of live streaming solutions delivers broadcast-quality streams over the Internet to multiple screens and devices. With its built-in support for adaptive streaming protocols, Spinnaker generates high-quality streams that enhance online viewing of live action. Spinnaker creates a more interactive and personal online video experience for consumers, backed by exceptional video quality with DVR-like capabilities, multiple camera angles, embedded captions and URLs, and no stuttering, buffering, or other interruptions.
With Spinnaker as a critical element of their technology infrastructure, AEG Digital Media has already facilitated and managed some of the largest online live events of the previous year, including: 2010 People’s Choice Awards; the first Hollywood Bowl show broadcast live on the Internet, the Los Angeles Philharmonic “¡Bienvenido Gustavo!” concert; Farm Aid 2009; Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte’s One Drop Foundation Poetic Social Mission event, featuring a live stream from the International Space Station; MTV Latin VMAs; and Alicia Keys’ recent full-length concert on Google’s YouTube live music channel.
“The level of quality produced with Inlet’s Spinnaker supporting our technology backbone has helped accelerate our discussions with major broadcasters and premium content sites interested in replicating the same success and quality we’ve achieved with other events,” said John Petrocelli, vice president of business development and sales, AEG Digital Media.
“Our success working with AEG Digital Media provides a great opportunity to expand our expertise specifically in the entertainment-related market,” said Michael Barros, senior vice president of worldwide sales for Inlet Technologies. “The experts at AEG have been perfecting their digital processes for almost ten years now. The ease with which they were able to seamlessly integrate Spinnaker into their workflow is a testament to how simple and functional the product is to work with.”
With plans to deploy Spinnaker units to stream from the red carpet and behind the scenes at upcoming award shows and other events such as the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, as well as streaming content to other devices such as the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® Touch®, AEG Digital Media is well-positioned to deliver the highest quality content the industry has seen in ten years of live streaming. “We look forward to continue working with Inlet to bring premium media and entertainment events to the global market while ensuring the best quality of experience for viewers,” said Petrocelli. Taps Inlet Technologies for Both Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand

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Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, announced that Universal Sports has selected its Spinnaker and Armad solutions to power’s live and on-demand coverage of world-class sports.

Universal Sports serves as the preeminent multiplatform destination for Olympic and lifestyle sports programming, offering more than 1,000 live events and 7,000 hours of annual original event programming. delivers more than 100,000 hours of programming content with dedicated, sport-specific “channels,” including Skiing, Rowing, Swimming, and Cycling, to give fans a centralized, convenient, consistent place to go for event video, video highlights, breaking news, and features. Universal Sports is following a growing trend in the sports industry by complementing traditional broadcasts with unprecedented online access.

“We’re dedicated to delivering our fans and viewers at the highest quality video presentation of our world-class sporting events,” said Carlos Silva, president and COO of Universal Sports. “Increasingly, fans are turning to the web to view their favorite sports, competitions and events. Our partners at Inlet Technologies allow us to deliver the online sports-viewing experience that brings our viewers back for more.”

“Inlet’s Spinnaker and Armada solutions, along with Microsoft Smooth Streaming, will offer viewers the highest quality video and more personalized viewing options,” said John Bishop, senior vice president of strategy and business development, Inlet Technologies. “Following the recent Vancouver Winter Games announcement, we are excited and proud of this collaboration with, which further solidifies Inlet’s role as a strategic partner of NBC Sports, and as a leader in online sports video.”

Inlet’s Spinnaker family of encoding solutions is especially well-suited for live sports as it provides broadcast-quality streams over the Internet to multiple devices and screens. With its built-in support for adaptive streaming protocols, including iPhone streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Spinnaker delivers exceptional quality that enhances online viewing of live sports action. Spinnaker’s patent pending stream synchronization capability makes it ideal for adaptive bitrate delivery.

Inlet is also redefining the process of building and scaling a video-on-demand operation. Automation and software intelligence are the keys to building scale and quality while minimizing costs. Inlet’s Armada is a revolutionary workflow management system that automates the entire file preparation process and adds encoding intelligence, not just simple node management.