Sorenson Media Partners with Adobe and Amazon Web Services to Present Training Workshop at 2010 Streaming Media East

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Sorenson Media announced that the company will collaborate with Adobe and Amazon Web Services to present an informational online video workshop for participants at the 2010  Streaming Media East conference in New York City.

The two-hour workshop, entitled “The Business and Technology of Online Video,” will be held Tuesday, May 11 at the Hilton New York. Free to conference attendees, it will focus on simplifying the often difficult and unwieldy processes of encoding, managing, publishing and delivering video content over the Internet. Guided by step-by-step demonstrations, participants will learn how to capture, encode, store, publish, transcode and deliver their videos “in the cloud,” utilizing powerful features from the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze encoding solution, Sorenson 360 online video platform (OVP), and Amazon Web Services CloudFront and other streaming web services. The workshop will also cover integration capabilities of Sorenson Media’s total video solutions and Amazon Web Services with Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework. All attendees will receive a $50 Sorenson 360 usage voucher and $25 in Amazon Web Services usage credit.

“We are delighted to partner with two fellow industry leaders, Adobe and Amazon Web Services, to demonstrate innovative and intuitive approaches for online video production and deployment at the 2010 Streaming Media East conference,” said Eric Quanstrom, VP of marketing & strategy of Sorenson Media. “This is a tremendous opportunity to present the market’s highest-quality online video solutions to world-class individuals and organizations in a position to make optimal use of them.”

In addition to its involvement in the 2010 Streaming Media East workshop, Sorenson Media will serve as the official All-Star Sponsor for the 2010 Streaming Media All-Stars program. This sponsorship includes publication of the Streaming Media All-Stars feature in the April/May issue of Streaming Media, which goes out to approximately 20,000 readers, as well as a private event at a Mets baseball game on May 11 for select industry luminaries participating at Streaming Media East.

“It is fitting that Sorenson Media, whose technology has ‘sponsored’ so many transformative developments in the online video movement, is now sponsoring the celebration of key people helping to propel the industry forward,” said Quanstrom.  “We also plan to make other significant announcements in conjunction with the event, so stay tuned.”

Wowza Boosts Student Learning at Hundreds of Universities

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As digital video and audio grow into a preferred communications media on campuses across the world, Wowza Media Systems, the media server software company, announced that more than 500 universities and colleges on four continents are using Wowza Media Server technology to deliver live, on demand and interactive content to students and faculty on multiple players and devices, including Flash and iPhone.

The collegiate market is among the most aggressive adopters of streaming media technology solutions as the modern campus expands beyond the traditional four walls of classrooms, labs and lecture halls and the Internet is an increasingly inseparable component of learning curriculum. According to Reuters, the online education sector grew 13 percent last year and had been growing at about 20 percent in previous years.

“Universities are discovering that lecture capture is a competitive advantage and of great benefit to ‘millennial’ learners, who are accustomed to convenience and to on-demand access to myriad content sources,” said Alan Greenberg, Senior Analyst & Partner at Wainhouse Research in his recent report The Distance Education and e-Learning Landscape Volume 2: Videoconferencing, Streaming and Capture Systems for Learning . “The beauty of streaming and lecture capture today is that they are more affordable than ever before.”

In addition to powering streaming in hundreds of institutions of higher learning across the Americas, Europe and Asia, Wowza now holds 39 percent share of the collegiate market on the Australian continent. In one deployment, the University of New South Wales in Sydney found the Wowza servers to be much more cost effective and easier to maintain than its separate legacy QuickTime and Windows streaming servers, which the university is now planning to retire.

“With Wowza Media Server 2 we are able to consolidate our media resources onto a single platform, while also opening the door to new campus IPTV and iPhone streaming capabilities for our UNSWTV and lecture recording services,” said Patrick Stoddart, Manager of Web and Innovation at the University of New South Wales. “The multi-client reach and flexibility of the Wowza server has made it an essential technology component underpinning our online media strategy.”

Many other universities are leveraging the Wowza Media Server’s iPhone and IPTV streaming capabilities to expand enrollment and make courses and other content such as athletics widely available outside of a brick and mortar environment. The University of Sussex in Britain, a leading research university rated in the top five percent of all universities worldwide by the 2009 Times Higher Education University World Rankings, has deployed Wowza media servers to enhance learning options for its more than 10,000 students.

“Our first deployment of the Wowza streaming technology was instrumental in powering our Live TV Production course last year,” said Dr. Phil Watten, Media Technology Manager for the School of Informatics, University of Sussex. “That was an ideal proving ground for Wowza and we have since begun to roll it out across a number of other university courses to deliver televised lectures to Flash desktop players and soon to unify our iPhone delivery.”

“Wowza is focused on helping educators make learning more accessible and affordable by using online video content,” said Dave Stubenvoll, CEO and Co-Founder, Wowza Media Systems. “Performance and extensibility with solutions like Wowza are especially valuable in the collegiate setting where the appetite for streaming media across multiple player platforms continues to outpace the level of available IT personnel and technology resources.”

Wowza Media Server was named Best Server Hardware/Software in the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards in 2008 and 2009, and received the 2009 Best Innovation award for Wowza Media Server 2 which extends this proven platform beyond Flash with multi-protocol streaming to the iPhone/iPod touch and other mobile devices, the Silverlight player, QuickTime, and IPTV set-top boxes.

1-Day Wirecast Live Streaming Training

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Class Summary:
wordmark-wirecastOur Wirecast Live Streaming training will get you familiar with Live Streaming Wirecast and many of the features available in the program.  This class will have you up and running with Wirecast 7 quickly.  This training is great for non-technical professionals as well as video editors, webcast producers, web developers, producers and other media professionals. Whether you’re using a Wowza Streaming Engine, YouTube, Ustream or your on Flash Streaming Server, this class will benefit you.  Our class will also get you familiar with the Wirecast Cam and Web Stream streaming features. In addition to learning about the many features of Wirecast, our class will provide you with many great ideas for delivering your live streaming events.

Students will learn the following in this training:

  • How to set up Live Streaming to Wowza Streaming Engine
  • How to configure Live Streaming to Facebook
  • How to set up Live streaming to Content Delivery Networks
  • How to use the ISO  Recording feature in Wirecast for Live Streaming
  • How to set-up Program Replays with Live Streams
  • How to  implement Live Streaming using Video Playlists
  • How to enable Twitter Feeds into Live Streaming events
  • How to record Live Streams to disk
  • How to utilize Wirecast Cam and Web Stream in Live Streaming events
  • How to use lower thirds during your Webcasts
  • How to Live Stream using capture devices

Cost: $790
Class is available for Mac and PC platforms

Students are provided with the following:

  • Training certificate
  • 3 hours of post training technical support
  • Video recording of the entire training session

Software Featured in the class:

wirecastwirecast go



Class Overview

1. Live Streaming to Wowza Streaming Engine

This section of the training will cover the procedure for setting up Live streaming using Wowza Streaming Engine. Students will learn all of the necessary Wirecast configurations to stream live to the streaming server.  This portion of the class will show students the items that need to be set-up on Wowza Streaming Engine for Live Streaming to work properly.  You’ll also learn how to configure your streaming for playback on Android and iOS devices.

2. Live Streaming with Facebook Live

This section of the training will cover the procedure for setting up streaming to Facebook Live using Wirecast.  Students will learn all of the necessary Wirecast configurations  to stream live to the social media platform.  You’ll learn how to delivery Live Streams to Posts, Groups, and Events.  You’ll also learn how to configure your Privacy setting and Stream Type.

3. Live streaming to Content Delivery Networks (Ustream, YouTube, & Twitch)

Learn how to perform live encoding to your Content Delivery Network.  You’ll see first hand the available options and settings for use with the Top CDNs and what information needs to be included in your Wirecast destination.  This training module will include showing students how to send Live Streams to Ustream, YouTube, & Twitch.

4. Using the ISO Recordings in Wirecast Live Streaming Events 

With Wirecast, you can use ISO recordings which is a tremendous benefit.  The portion of the training will assist you in set-up your ISO source and configuring your settings.  You’ll also learn about the various options with the the ISO  Recording  feature.  You’ll also learn how to configure Hotkeys for your ISO  recording.

5. Using Program Replays  with Live Streams

This training class also teaches students how to set up Program Replays.  Students will learn how to use create replays, start replays, and update replays.  You’ll also learn how to use the Mark In for Replays.

6. Live Streaming Using Video Playlists 

This training module will show users how to implement Video Playlists for Live Streaming events. You’ll  learn how to include name playlists, add videos to playlists, and configure playlist settings.

7.  Enabling Twitter Feeds into Live Streaming Events 

What’s great about Wirecast is that you can enable the ability  to view Twitter Feeds within your Live Streams. Attendees will learn how to configure Twitter Feeds into Live Streaming events in this portion of the training.  You’ll learn how to authenticate your Twitter  account within Wirecast, display your Message Feed, and configure your rotation of messages.  You’ll also learn how to choose to display your User Timeline, Home Timeline, or Favorites.  Most importantly, attendees will learn how to select which messages will be displayed Live.

8. Recording Files to Disk and Streaming to Multiple Destinations

This portion of the class teaches students how to record Webcasts to disk for archiving or On-demand. This feature is great when you need an desktop recording of you Live Streaming event or activity.  You instructor will teach you how to configure your compression settings for recording to MOV, MP4, and WMV containers.  You’ll learn what  The instructor will also show students how to stream Live video to Multiple Destinations. In addition, attendees will learn how to configure customized encoding settings for Live Streaming.

9. Capture Device Set-up 

This portion of the class teaches students how to configure a Capture Device in Wirecast.  There are many external devices that work with Wirecast, and this training module will show you how they can be configured.  You’ll also learn how to configure Audio Properties and the System Device Properties for your device.

10. Wirecast Cam and Web Stream Set-up 

In this part of the training student will learn how to set up Wirecast Cams and Web Streams in Wirecast.  As your instructor teaches about the Wirecast Cam feature, you’ll learn how to use your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) as a remote camera.  In addition, you’ll learn how to stream content from your iPhone and iPad using Wirecast Go.  You’ll also learn about Web Streams in this portion of the training. This gives users the ability to take IP Cameras or other network cameras into Wirecast using such protocols as RTMP, RTSP, MMS, or HTTP.

11. Utilizing other Wirecast features (Screen capture, Picture-N-Picture, Titles and Audio)

Students will learn how to configure and utilize the following in this portion of the training: Screen capture, Picture-N-Picture, Titles and Audio.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our Wirecast Live Streaming Trainings On-line, On-site, or Columbus, Ohio.  Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at  Individuals from any country can attend our On-line training classes.