Half Day Wowza Streaming Engine Training

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Class Summary:

Our Half Day Wowza Streaming Engine Training allows you to quickly get familiar with the features of Wowza Streaming Engine 4. This class is perfect for those that don’t have time for one of our full day trainings. Students can still learn about many of the features of Wowza Streaming Engine in our training class and get familiar with the tremendous benefits. Wowza Streaming Engine Manager gives administrators power to monitor, configure, manage and change server settings remotely from the browser. Get up-to-speed with Wowza Streaming Engine 4 and Wowza Streaming Engine Manager in this Half Day Wowza Streaming Engine Training.

This training teaches the set up for On-demand and Live streaming for Computers, Tablets and Devices as well as other topics. It also covers authentication for Live Streaming Publishing provides a nice over of Wowza Streaming Engine Manager. Learn how to take advantage of streaming using Wowza Streaming Engine 4 in this training.

What students will learn in this training:

  • How to set up Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5
  • How to configure an On-demand streaming applications
  • How to configure Live streaming applications
  • Live Streaming to iOS Devices, Android tablets and Android devices
  • On-demand to iOS devices, Android tablets and Android devices
  • How to use Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

Cost: $395

Half Day Wowza Streaming Engine Training

Class is available for Mac, PC and Linux platforms

Students are provided with the following:

  • Training certificate
  • Tutorial set-up guides
  • Video recording of the entire training session

Software Featured for Class

  • Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5
  • Wirecast 7


Class Overview

1. Wowza Streaming Engine Set-up

Your instructor will walk you through the process of the set-up for Wowza Streaming Engine 4. This section of the class will cover installation, Vhost configuration, port settings and troubleshooting procedures to ensure that the server is functioning properly. You’ll also learn how to access Wowza Streaming Engine remotely with Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

2. Wowza Streaming Engine Overview

This portion of class provides students with an overview of how Wowza Streaming Engine 4 works. In this training module the instructor teaches students about: Applications, Vhost, Modules, Properties, Stream Types, AddOns, Media Playback types and Content Storage.

3. Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

During this training module you’ll learn about Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and how you can use it to manage the Wowza Streaming Engine remotely. You’ll gain a better understanding of what can be set up and configured remotely along with where various features such as Applications, Publishers, Startup Streams, Server settings and other items are located.

4. Application Set-up

This portion of the training teaches students how to utilize the available applications on Wowza Streaming Engine using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and how to customize these applications for streaming. The hands-on instruction shared in this portion of the training allows attendees to successfully navigate and use Wowza Streaming Engine 4.

5. Configuring On-demand Streaming

In this section of the training, students will learn to set-up On-demand streaming for H.264 content. Students will also learn where to place videos they are streaming from the server and how to reference on-demand streaming folders in their applications.

6. Configuring Live Streaming

This section will cover the procedure for setting up Live Streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine. Students will learn all of the necessary configurations required for Live Streaming to work on the streaming server. This training module will teach students how to set-up live streams using a popular tool for webcasting called Wirecast.

7. Authentication for Live Streaming

In this part of the training students will learn how to create an application for Live Streaming that requires Authentication from the Live Encoder. This limits who can stream to your Streaming Server. In addition to creating your Live Streaming application for authentication on publishing, you will learn how to add users with Live Streaming privileges using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

8. Streaming to iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

One of the benefits of Wowza Streaming Engine 4 is that it provides video content providers with the ability to delivery On-demand and Live Streams to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This class will show you how to enable your applications for this on Wowza Streaming Engine using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager. Our class covers set-up of both On-demand and Live Streaming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our Half Day Wowza Streaming Engine Trainings On-line. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at info@freemancompression.com. Also call for Wowza Streaming Engine consulting if you’re not interested in one of our trainings. Individuals from any country can attend our On-line training classes.

Sorenson Media Releases Squeeze 6.5 with New Video Decoding and Publishing Capabilities

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Sorenson Media has announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze 6.5, which adds greater encoding, publishing, pre-processing and filtering functionality to the industry-leading online video encoding product. The Squeeze 6.5 update is free to current Sorenson Squeeze 6 users.

“With Squeeze 6.5, the industry’s best encoding solution just got better,” said Randon Morford, director of product management for Sorenson Media. “Squeeze users can now enjoy the most effective means ever for publishing video directly to the cloud as well as top-quality HD decoding and encoding capability. This set of user benefits is continued evidence of our commitment to delivering the tools and services that our customers need.”

Among the new capabilities in Sorenson Squeeze 6.5, is the ability for the first time to decode the AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format. AVCHD records high-definition video to DVD, hard drives, or flash memory cards as .m2ts, .mts, or .m2t files and is the most common recording format for high definition video cameras at the prosumer and high-end consumer market.

Other significant benefits of Sorenson Squeeze 6.5 include three new filters: enhanced de-interlacing, image rotation and optimized color conversion. The new deinterlacing filter works automatically as a default setting to increase encoding quality and speed and is faster than any previous version of Sorenson Squeeze. Image rotation improves video capture capability in mobile devices by converting portrait orientation to landscape, while encoding speed is further increased through optimized color conversion in Sorenson Squeeze 6.5.

New publishing capabilities have also been added. The software now has the unique ability to publish encoded video content directly to users’ Amazon Web Services S3 accounts. This capability brings significant benefits to enterprise users and small-to-medium companies who use the AWS cloud to manage and distribute their videos across the Internet, and builds on the software’s ability to publish to a variety of locations, such as the Sorenson 360 online video platform, YouTube or an FTP server.

Sorenson Squeeze Encoding for Amazon S3

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Sorenson Squeeze Encoding for Amazon S3 just got better.  Sorenson Media now has a version of Squeeze that works with Amazon Web Services.  Now instead of using alternative methods to upload your videos to your S3 bucket, you can use Sorenson Squeeze.  You can simply apply your Amazon Web Services publishing preset to your encodes in Sorenson Squeeze.  Here is where you can find the latest Amazon Web Services Edition of Squeeze.  To encode to your S3 bucket you’ll need your Bucket Name, Access Key and Secret Key.  This is a very exciting development for encoding for Amazon Web Services so enjoy.

Sorenson Media Honored as Top Online Video Company

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Sorenson Media announced that it has been named among the top online video companies of 2009 by FierceOnlineVideo. Released annually, the “Fierce 15” recognizes companies that provide the “skeleton, muscle and flesh of the online video industry.”

In his article, Editor Jim O’Neill highlights Sorenson Media’s rich history of innovation in the online video industry as well as its profitability, a unique quality among competitors in its space. Sorenson Media’s tools and services have been used by the largest companies, including Apple, Adobe and YouTube, and Sorenson Squeeze remains the gold-standard video encoding application.

“Video encoding stalwart Sorenson Media has been around since, well, online video’s Dark Ages,” O’Neill writes, “and it’s done something few of its competitors have managed to do: it’s made money.”

Last month, Sorenson Media released Sorenson Squeeze 6, which provides users a number of new features that make the process of encoding and publishing video easier, including new review and approval capabilities and the ability to publish video directly to multiple sites, such as YouTube, Twitter and Sorenson Media’s own Sorenson 360 online video platform. In May 2009, the company launched Sorenson 360 to enable users to more affordably and easily publish the highest quality video content on the Internet through seamless integration with Sorenson Squeeze.

“Being named to the Fierce 15 is a considerable achievement for the company and caps an outstanding year for our team,” said Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media. “With our long-standing history in the online video space and an ongoing focus on innovation, Sorenson Media has differentiated itself in the market to truly affect the future of online video. We appreciate this recognition from FierceOnlineVideo, particularly because it is a trusted source of information for anyone who follows the online video industry.”

This recognition comes just a few weeks after Streaming Media magazine gave Sorenson Squeeze the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Encoding Software (under $1,000), and Sorenson 360 was a finalist in the Online Video Platform (Premium) category. Additionally, USA Today noted Sorenson Media’s staying power in a November 11 article stating, “Every time you see a video online, you probably have Sorenson Media to thank.”

Sorenson Media Announces Direct-to-iPhone Video Publishing

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In conjunction with the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference June 8-12, Sorenson Media announced the immediate availability of new iPhone video publishing for its Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network (VDN). This new solution enables small- to medium-sized businesses, video professionals, bloggers and other content creators to quickly and seamlessly encode and publish the highest quality video content on the Internet for direct viewing by Apple iPhone users (i.e. through the iPhone’s Web browser and without the need to install a separate app). The enhanced Sorenson 360 VDN represents a significant step forward in one-stop online video publishing across major platforms and devices, including the recently announced iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3G S.

“With the addition of iPhone publishing for Sorenson 360, Sorenson Media is greatly expanding the reach and power of what is already the most cost-effective and user-friendly online video publishing solution in the marketplace,” said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. “Up to this point, video playback on the iPhone has simply been out of reach for video professionals. This new release reinforces the hallmarks of Sorenson 360 – unparalleled quality, innovation, flexibility, ease-of-use and affordability. It is now easier than ever for anyone to publish iPhone-ready video content over the Internet.”

In contrast to the one-format-fits-all approach used by many online video publishing services, in which the user has little flexibility in the video format and player used, Sorenson 360 offers specific iPhone presets, enabling users to easily encode video content in the iPhone-compatible H.264 format and deliver that content using the iPhone’s native video player. This is a significant development because, while the majority of online video content is encoded in Adobe Flash format, the iPhone does not play Flash content, meaning most videos featured on Web sites are not viewable using the iPhone’s Web browser. With Sorenson 360, video professionals can reach their audiences virtually anywhere the Internet is available, including on the iPhone.

“Sorenson 360 simplifies the experience of the video publisher and the iPhone user alike through its ability to automatically detect how the user is accessing a video file – whether through a traditional browser on a desktop or laptop computer, or through the iPhone’s Web browser,” said David Dudas, vice president of product management. “Based on this information, Sorenson 360 then automatically delivers the video file using the appropriate player – a Flash player for users on desktops or laptops, or the iPhone’s native video player for iPhone users.”

The Sorenson 360 VDN enables users to encode and upload video content either seamlessly through the industry-leading Sorenson Squeeze software or directly via their browsers using the Sorenson 360 interface; both processes significantly reduce upload time and provide automatic access to the iPhone presets. Through its unique browser-based encoding tool, Sorenson 360 users simply drag and drop their video files from their hard drive or record new videos via their webcams and, with one step, publish and make them playable directly on an iPhone.

Sorenson 360 is compatible with all versions of Apple iPhone – iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G and prior versions 1 and 2 – as well as Apple iPod Touch via WiFi. This includes the iPhone OS 3.0 and the Safari 4 browser. Video specifications for the Sorenson 360 iPhone presets are: H.264 video codec – MP4 output, up to 1 Mbps, 640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames per second.