Sorenson 360 Enables Compuware Gomez to Deliver High-Quality Online Video Content

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Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, was looking for an online video platform (OVP) that could scale flexibly with its growing online video needs. The company selected Sorenson Media’s OVP, Sorenson 360, to quickly create and deliver high-quality online video content for its website and integrate seamlessly with WordPress.

Gomez’s industry-leading solutions for optimizing the performance, availability, and quality of web and mobile applications are used by more than 3,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small companies to large enterprises – including 12 of the top 20 most-visited U.S. Web sites.

“Many of the world’s leading companies rely on Gomez to help them increase revenue, decrease costs and build brand loyalty by optimizing the performance, availability and quality of their Web and mobile applications,” said Kirk Punches, vice president of sales and business development for Sorenson Media. “Gomez chose Sorenson 360 to address the company’s online video needs and meet all of its website’s online video challenges.”

Gomez required an OVP that provides control of the management and hosting for its archived files, and a more effective way to implement its own registration process. In addition to its Archived Webinar video content, Gomez wanted reliable solutions for the development and online delivery of its marketing videos, which incorporate both Flash animation and traditional video images.

“Sorenson’s scalable product enabled us to enter into online video gradually,” said Tarah Cammett, director of marketing for Gomez. “We received excellent quality and results from the Sorenson Squeeze client-side encoding solution, so we decided to evaluate Sorenson 360 online video platform to address our online video challenges.”

Customers can use the gold-standard Sorenson Squeeze client-side encoding application to easily compress and upload videos directly to Sorenson 360, ensuring maximum control and industry-best online video quality.

The flexibility and scalability of Sorenson 360’s features and pricing enabled Gomez to seamlessly transition through three successive stages of video deployment on its site. In the first, exploratory stage, Gomez added a few smaller videos to its site, which enabled the company to minimize expenses while evaluating the response and viewing patterns of site visitors.

Encouraged by brisk viewership during this first stage and Sorenson 360’s ease of use, the company upgraded its service to include more and larger video files to accommodate increasing numbers of viewers. The accelerating viewership and the seamless transition with Sorenson 360 emboldened the company to enter its third and current stage, with an increasing emphasis on customized videos and the incorporation of RTMP streaming. This final stage of heightened video content and quality has driven significant increases in video views and overall site traffic for Gomez.

Sorenson Media’s New Sorenson 360 v2 Online Video Platform Built for the Enterprise

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Sorenson Media announced the launch of the company’s Sorenson 360 v2 online video platform (OVP) at the Streaming Media East 2010 conference. Coming to market exactly one year after the platform’s initial launch, Sorenson 360 v2 has been created specifically to address the needs of the enterprise online video marketplace and to compete aggressively in the space by offering customers a rich differentiated set of powerful features and the highest-quality video in the marketplace.

A robust, significantly enhanced feature set enables Sorenson Media to compete for leadership in the enterprise marketplace, anchored by the ability to integrate a full range of custom solutions for any size client. Compelling new features in Sorenson 360 v2 include:

Video management capabilities that enable customers to effectively manage any number of videos in folders and subfolders, and to coordinate multiple users and accounts
RTMP (Real Time Messenger Protocol) streaming with unlimited data rates
Playlist functionality that enable users to create playlists on the fly with simple drag and drop functionality
Fully customizable white label video players with an unlimited number of styles and templates
Backend optimization that achieves exceptional speed in managing complete content management system

“With this new enterprise edition of Sorenson 360, we have our sights set on becoming the leading contender in the OVP market,” said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. “Sorenson 360 v2 offers the highest quality video among OVPs; our new features are those that the enterprise need; our interface is faster, more flexible and easier to use for many video assets; and our pricing is considerably more transparent and cost-effective. We feel we are playing some of the strongest cards in the OVP deck.”

Check out Sorenson 360 from Sorenson Media

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Check out Sorenson 360 from Sorenson Media. For many that are needing video content delivery 360 might just be the thing. Version 2 supports many new features such as RTMP streaming and Video SEO. It has already supported password protection on videos, embed code options for content, permalinks and other features. You can use various player skins as well. Oh, I forgot to say that you can encode your videos in Sorenson Squeeze and automatically upload the videos to your Squeeze 360 video delivery service.

Sorenson Media Brings Highest Quality Total Video Solutions to Enterprise Market

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Sorenson Media announced that the company’s total online video solutions are being used by new higher education customers, including a system-wide deployment of Sorenson 360 at the University of Utah and other implementations at Harvard University, The Ohio State University, Loyola Marymount University and Ireland’s Dublin City University.

The University of Utah is using Sorenson 360 – Sorenson Media’s differentiated online video platform – to serve its entire faculty, staff and 28,000-plus students, in activities ranging from curriculum development and delivery to class projects, marketing and educational outreach. Sorenson 360 is the only online video platform that integrates the entire video publishing workflow, giving customers full control of the end product, from the encoding/compression process to the final delivery of the highest-quality video over the Web.

For more information about Sorenson Media’s enterprise video solutions, visit:

“Our team’s work with the University of Utah and other major universities demonstrates the clear competitive advantages we enjoy in the enterprise video marketplace, building upon our 15 years of pioneering technology development,” said Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media. “We have a long-standing reputation for innovation and high quality with businesses and video professionals. They know us. They trust us. We are unique in the industry in focusing on the entire video creation and delivery process, from encoding and publishing to delivery of that video content.”
Sorenson Media’s contract with the University of Utah launched with two concurrent, interconnected projects. The first project, a university-wide video infrastructure deployment of the Sorenson 360 video delivery network, includes the storage, management and delivery of video content within and between every individual, department and school in the University system. Sorenson Media’s total video solutions enable the school’s central IT group to successfully establish and manage individual accounts and subaccounts, tied together through Sorenson Media’s developer APIs and customized professional services. The second project is a business history educational and branding initiative with the University’s David Eccles School of Business.

As part of Sorenson Media’s comprehensive enterprise video solutions, the business school is also deploying the “YouTube in a box” SquishNet application, which will enable the school to employ out-of-the-box user-generated video management tools in this effort. This front-end application is customized to brand the Eccles School and match the look and feel of its site. The project also encompasses key content- and site-management features, including a searchable video database and fast, intuitive client-side encoding, powered by the company’s Sorenson Squish encoding technology.

“Sorenson Media provides us with a potent, fully customized portal that is extremely easy to use and markets our program in highly innovative ways,” said Anne Peterson, director of the Utah Business Leaders History Project for the University of Utah. “The company’s solutions enable us to teach our students through the powerful emotional resonance and impact of video; they can now see and hear how legendary  business innovators make a difference in their companies and in their communities.”

In addition to the University of Utah contract, Sorenson Media is currently engaged in other major enterprise deployments at a growing number of universities. The company has leveraged its video encoding leadership with institutions of higher learning as it expands into the enterprise market with its comprehensive video solutions.

“We are delighted to partner with these significant teaching and research universities to unleash the powerful benefits of Internet video throughout the institutions,” said Csathy. “These new deployments demonstrate the tremendous need and demand for our end-to-end solutions, and how Sorenson 360 and our other products are the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive and highest-quality for customers in the enterprise online video market.”

McCain Campaign Employs Sorenson Media’s Sorenson 360

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Sorenson Media announced that the campaign team for Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is utilizing several components of Sorenson Media’s Sorenson 360 video delivery network – its re-imagined online video platform – to drive a major video initiative for his 2010 Senate re-election. Campaign leaders are leveraging the power of video to solidify Senator McCain’s position as the most prominent Republican in Congress and more fully engage visitors to the newly designed Web site.

“Our involvement with Sorenson Media is a testament to the growing power of online video in major political initiatives,” said Corey Vale, Internet Director for the McCain 2010 campaign. “Video is one of the most impactful ways to connect directly with an audience, and we want to be on the leading edge of an accelerating trend toward robust, online experiences.”

The McCain campaign has used Sorenson 360’s solutions to create an extensive “video supporter wall” where visitors to his Web site are able to easily capture and publish a video message directly from their webcam or camcorder. In addition, Sorenson Media technology is being used to deliver high-quality video throughout the site to highlight key campaign strategies and messages.

“After evaluating several options, we chose Sorenson Media for the company’s long-standing reputation for excellence, its best-in-class quality, exceptional ease of use and unique customizability,” said Vale. “With Sorenson Media’s solutions, we have a fully skinnable interface that allows us to control, manage and leverage video content to more effectively communicate our message, while reinforcing and expanding Senator McCain’s image and influence.”

“We are honored that we have been chosen to work with the former Republican presidential nominee to bring the immediacy and emotional impact of user-generated video to bear in his Senate re-election effort this year,” said Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media. “The use of Sorenson Media’s differentiated total video solutions for this important, high-profile campaign highlights the growing impact of video in reaching out to prospective voters and other key constituencies.”