Sorenson Media Launches Sorenson Squeeze 7

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Sorenson Media Launches Sorenson Squeeze 7, a major upgrade of the company’s award-winning video encoding application, designed to save users valuable time while significantly boosting performance. Among its key new features are graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration, adaptive bitrate encoding and myriad new input and output formats.

”The video encoding and publishing workflow is too often weighed down with tedious and repetitive steps that turn what should be an intuitive and painless experience into a time-consuming, even mind-numbing slog,” said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. “Sorenson Squeeze 7 takes the pain and drudgery out of the encoding process with advanced GPU acceleration and automation of all aspects of adaptive bit rate encoding. With this new version of Sorenson Squeeze, video professionals and broadcast organizations can encode and deploy top-quality online video in the formats they use most – and will save valuable time in the process, freeing them up to focus on their core revenue-generating business.”
The new Squeeze includes the following:

  • New GPU Acceleration
  • New Adaptive Bitrate Encoding
  • New Input and Output Formats
  • New Audio Only Output Formats
  • New Adobe Premiere Plug-in

Sorenson Squeeze 7 is available immediately for electronic download or for shipping in CD form. The suggested retail price for Sorenson Squeeze 7 is $799. Upgrades from previous versions of Sorenson Squeeze begin at $299 (with special limited $199 introductory pricing for Squeeze 6 users).

Sorenson Media Launches Sorenson Squeeze Server

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Sorenson Media announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze Server, a customizable and scalable video encoding solution that enables enterprises, post-production facilities, developers and video professionals to encode the highest-quality video quickly and efficiently in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Squeeze Server enables customers with a need for high-volume encoding solutions to apply the award-winning encoding power and flexibility of Sorenson Squeeze. Built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure – but easily integrated into any third party infrastructure provider – Squeeze Server relies on dedicated instances to provide efficient processing of video, eliminating worries about data pipelines being clogged by the demands of multiple other high-volume users. Squeeze Server also comes with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee as part of Sorenson’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) in addition to full customer support.

“For the enterprise, web developers and any other video professionals with high volume needs, Squeeze Server is the answer to the often painful prospect of tackling multiple encoding jobs—a cost-effective alternative to spending a fortune on data center-based hardware, software development and ongoing maintenance,” said Peter Csathy, Sorenson Media’s CEO. “Squeeze Server turns all that on its head by offering our customers the ease of setup and use and the benefit of our proven video encoding expertise in the cloud. We also give our customers the peace of mind of knowing that we’ve covered all the bases in supporting the widest array of formats, while utilizing only officially sanctioned and licensed codecs. We solve the pain of encoding and publishing the highest quality video – that is our job, so that our customers can focus on growing their business.”

Sorenson Squeeze Server users have access to all of the fundamental functionality of the gold-standard video encoding application Sorenson Squeeze, including advanced pre-processing filters and a broad selection of formats, including Flash, H.264 and WebM. Squeeze Server provides complete control to the user by using Sorenson Media’s intuitive developer APIs, which enable users to easily create automated workflows to maximize throughput while maintaining control of the video quality. Through the APIs, users can also automatically publish their encoded videos to a host of destinations, such as a content delivery network (CDN), a network folder, a website or any number of locations simultaneously.

Squeeze Server users also benefit from additional native features that make encoding and publishing videos online easier:

Seamless integration with the Sorenson Media Preset Exchange, a built-in feature that provides users time-saving downloads of code for “video encoding recipes” or presets. The presets in the Exchange have been created by top industry video compression experts, thereby providing developers who implement Squeeze Server with direct access to parameters used by seasoned encoding professionals to get the best quality out of their encoding processes. For instance, encoding presets optimized for the Apple iPad were available in the Preset Exchange on the day of the device’s launch., the company’s new, just-for-video, URL shortening service. Exclusive to Sorenson Media customers and announced in October 2010, can either automatically generate short URLs, or users can create custom URLs to permalink pages with built-in protection again malware, phishing scams and spam, as well as detailed video analytics.

Full integration with the Sorenson 360 online video platform, which offers an intuitive content management interface; custom, HD-quality players; in-depth video metrics and many other tools that give Squeeze Server users unique publishing functionality.

“Squeeze Server marks the next big milestone for Sorenson Media’s legacy of pace-setting innovations in online video creation, management and publishing,” Csathy said. “For 15 years now, our customers and partners have trusted us for feature-rich video encoding and publishing. Squeeze Server embodies our commitment to maintaining that trust in a new generation of cloud-based services. We have hundreds of thousands of customers, and a significant number of them have been asking us for a high-volume server-based product. I am pleased to say that Squeeze Server is the product they have been looking for. This product represents a logical extension of our existing portfolio of highest quality differentiated video encoding solutions.”

Pricing and Availability

Sorenson Squeeze Server is available immediately. Pricing for Squeeze Server begins at $499 per month for each dedicated server instance with the ability to scale as needed. Each subscription to Squeeze Server also includes a complementary account for the Sorenson 360 online video platform.

Sorenson Media Releases Squeeze 6.5 with New Video Decoding and Publishing Capabilities

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Sorenson Media has announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze 6.5, which adds greater encoding, publishing, pre-processing and filtering functionality to the industry-leading online video encoding product. The Squeeze 6.5 update is free to current Sorenson Squeeze 6 users.

“With Squeeze 6.5, the industry’s best encoding solution just got better,” said Randon Morford, director of product management for Sorenson Media. “Squeeze users can now enjoy the most effective means ever for publishing video directly to the cloud as well as top-quality HD decoding and encoding capability. This set of user benefits is continued evidence of our commitment to delivering the tools and services that our customers need.”

Among the new capabilities in Sorenson Squeeze 6.5, is the ability for the first time to decode the AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format. AVCHD records high-definition video to DVD, hard drives, or flash memory cards as .m2ts, .mts, or .m2t files and is the most common recording format for high definition video cameras at the prosumer and high-end consumer market.

Other significant benefits of Sorenson Squeeze 6.5 include three new filters: enhanced de-interlacing, image rotation and optimized color conversion. The new deinterlacing filter works automatically as a default setting to increase encoding quality and speed and is faster than any previous version of Sorenson Squeeze. Image rotation improves video capture capability in mobile devices by converting portrait orientation to landscape, while encoding speed is further increased through optimized color conversion in Sorenson Squeeze 6.5.

New publishing capabilities have also been added. The software now has the unique ability to publish encoded video content directly to users’ Amazon Web Services S3 accounts. This capability brings significant benefits to enterprise users and small-to-medium companies who use the AWS cloud to manage and distribute their videos across the Internet, and builds on the software’s ability to publish to a variety of locations, such as the Sorenson 360 online video platform, YouTube or an FTP server.

Sorenson Squeeze Encoding for Amazon S3

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Sorenson Squeeze Encoding for Amazon S3 just got better.  Sorenson Media now has a version of Squeeze that works with Amazon Web Services.  Now instead of using alternative methods to upload your videos to your S3 bucket, you can use Sorenson Squeeze.  You can simply apply your Amazon Web Services publishing preset to your encodes in Sorenson Squeeze.  Here is where you can find the latest Amazon Web Services Edition of Squeeze.  To encode to your S3 bucket you’ll need your Bucket Name, Access Key and Secret Key.  This is a very exciting development for encoding for Amazon Web Services so enjoy.

Marvell Technology Integrates Sorenson Spark Video Decoder into Platform Solutions

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Sorenson Media announced that the Sorenson Spark Software Developers Kit (SDK) has been licensed by Marvell Technology to incorporate the Sorenson Spark decoder in Marvell products. Sorenson Spark will be included in the company’s platform solutions designed to scale with set-top boxes, media players, e-readers, netbooks, smart phones, high-performance tablets and other advanced mobile devices.

Sorenson Spark is the industry’s most ubiquitous video codec and was the first codec used in Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash. The decoder exclusively enables the playback of hundreds of millions of videos on the Internet, including those on YouTube, the single largest online video destination today. The Sorenson Spark SDK allows developers to integrate the Sorenson Spark decoder into a wide array of programmable chipsets and semiconductors. The kit is designed to provide Sorenson Spark decoding on any platform, including custom silicon.

Marvell is a leading fabless semiconductor company with expertise in microprocessor architecture.   Marvell’s multiple platforms included networked Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, media players, mobile and wireless, and high volume storage solutions. These are used to power the complete value chain of mobile and wireless devices.

“Marvell is a technology leader, driving highly efficient and scalable platform solutions for consumers worldwide,” said Douglas Cebik, director of business development of Sorenson Media.  “Now, the company’s high performance mobile platforms will be able to play Internet video using the industry’s most common codec and consumers will enjoy more complete access to the full world of online video.”