Get a Better Understanding of Video Streaming and Compression

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Get a better understanding of Video Streaming and Compression by attending our 2-Day Video Streaming and Compression Training class.  The training is available On-line and In-class and teaches students about Codecs, Compression Techniques, Real-Time Delivery, Downloadable Delivery, Streaming Servers and many other invaluable items. View the upcoming Video Streaming training schedule and class outline for more details.

Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or E-mail us at  Contact us about training times for your country if you are an international student.

Processors and Screen Displays Two Important Elements for Mobile Streaming

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Processors and screen displays are two important elements for Mobile Streaming. The fact that many of the latest mobile devices support the H.264 codec is a great thing.  Many of the most popular Streaming Servers also support streaming delivery of H.264.  With these two items in place the responsibility now falls on the mobile devices that companies and making. To experience success in today’s mobile market with streaming Smartphones must get better.

Processing power is very important as the delivery of H.264 is more challenging than MPEG-4 on the decoding end.  It’s great that many mobile devices are ready to delivery excellent streaming.  However, there are many Smartphones that aren’t ready for ‘prime-time’. Outside processors, screen displays carry a heavy burden of making mobile streaming better.  There are many Smartphones that have poor screen displays but it’s great that many have wonderful displays.  As consumers look towards the option to watch streaming video on there mobile devices the successful ones will undoubtedly have better processors and screen displays.  We should all be thankful for the companies that have already delivered to the market Smartphones with processors and displays perfectly ripe for mobile streaming.

Wirecast Plays Nicely with CDNs for Live Streaming

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Wirecast plays nicely with CDNs for Live Streaming.  This is a great because whether you’re using a high end CDN or one that allows streaming for free, Wirecast can help.

These are the CDNs that support Live Streaming with Wirecast:

Amazon EC2 Wowza

Wirecast also supports Live Streaming to many Streaming Servers such as: QuickTime Streaming Server, Wowza Media Server, Windows Media Streaming Streaming Server.

Qumu Selects Spinnaker Live Streaming Appliance

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Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, announced today that Qumu, Inc., a proven innovator in streaming media solutions for the enterprise, has integrated control and management of Inlet’s SpinnakerTM into Qumu’s Video Control Center 5.3. As a result, video webcast producers and IT departments can now control Spinnaker real-time video streaming appliances directly from the Qumu Video Control Center.

The Qumu Video Control Center (VCC) 5.3 is the most recent upgrade to its comprehensive enterprise video management solution. The Video Control Center simplifies the enterprise video webcast process, and centralizes content creation, management and distribution. The central control enables organizations to produce and deliver scalable live events, video on-demand (VOD), and control for all video applications, content and resources. VCC 5.3 integrates industry-leading enhancements, including encoders, editing tools, streaming servers, Content Delivery Networks, portals, and video conferencing systems.

Qumu chose Inlet Technologies’ Spinnaker to give organizations greater flexibility and more options for real-time programming.  Spinnaker is Inlet Technologies’ family of award-winning streaming appliances for live video and audio delivery applications, and provides exceptional quality and professional, reliable results in an affordable, simple solution. Spinnaker provides multiple formats in one box, and can prepare content for delivery to a wide audience through the latest platforms, devices, and screens. In addition to standard formats, Spinnaker has built-in support for adaptive bitrate streaming, including iPhoneTM and iPadTM streaming, Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming, and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming. Spinnaker also supports streaming to a wide range of feature phones and smartphones.

“According to industry researchers, Gartner and IDC, Fortune 1000 organizations want to expand their use and delivery of streaming video throughout their organizations, in order to continue to reduce costs, engage audiences and increase revenues. These organizations demand cutting-edge technology that will allow them to reliably and seamlessly stream live events” said Scott Safe, Qumu, Inc. vice president of product strategy and marketing. “Now the Qumu Video Control Center with Inlet Spinnaker real-time appliances gives enterprise webcast producers the power to effortlessly control and deliver video through multiple platforms across the enterprise or around the world.”

“Inlet Technologies is pleased to work with Qumu to give enterprises the ability to easily stream professional quality live events,” said Don Bossi, CEO, Inlet Technologies. “Together, Inlet and Qumu can provide flexibility and reliability to companies looking to create compelling real-time content.”

Wirecast Exciting Tool for Video Streaming

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Wirecast is an exciting tool for video streaming.  It holds many advantages over Free Live Streaming tools such as Windows Media Encoder, QuickTime Broadcaster and Flash Media Encoder.  Wirecast is a little more than a Live Encoder as it supports streaming with PowerPoint, Keynote and .PDF files. You can also deliver streams to different Streaming Servers so you’re not tied to one format for streaming delivery.  One of the main items that separates Wirecast from other encoders is that it’s a full production switcher in software.  You have a Program View, Preview View, Transitions, Lower Thirds, Effects, Videos for Playback and many other elements that you can use to enhance your webcast. Wirecast also provides one of the easiest ways of to add Picture-N-Pictures to your Webcast.  Attend one of our 1-Day Wirecast Live Streaming Trainings to learn more about this exciting webcasting tool.