Free Wirecast and Wowza Streaming Engine Training in Atlanta

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There will be a Free Wirecast and Wowza Streaming Engine Training in Atlanta, Georgia, at Georgia Tech University. The training will take place on Monday, April 11, 2016, from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm in Room 321 in the Georgia Tech Student Center. If you’re in or near Atlanta, Georgia and need to get familiar with Wirecast and Wowza Streaming Engine, make sure you attend this Free training in Atlanta. The training will get you up to speed with Live Streaming using Telestream’s Wirecast and streaming delivery with Wowza Media System’s Wowza Streaming Engine. The training session will be taught by Instructor, and Video Streaming and Compression Consultant, Derrick Freeman.

Software featured in training:

Wowza Streaming Engine 4
Wirecast 6

The training will provide the following:

  • An Overview of Wowza Streaming Engine 4
  • An Overview of Wirecast 6
  • Details on how to use Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Instruction on how to configure Live Streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Instruction on how to send Live Streams with Wirecast
  • Directions on how to configure on-demand adaptive streaming with Wowza
  • Directions on how to adjust compression settings in Wirecast
  • Instruction on how to configure shots with audio in Wirecast
  • Instruction on how to configure shots with video in Wirecast
  • Details on how to add titles in Wirecast
  • Instruction on how to adjust source settings in Wirecast
  • Details on to import media into Wirecast

Also, attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions during the training session. If you’d like to attend the training, e-mail us at to register for the event in Atlanta.

Training Location:
Georgia Tech University
Room 321 in the Georgia Tech Student Center
350 Ferst Drive Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30332

Venue map:

Paid Parking is available in the lot right next to the Georgia Tech Student Center.

Visitor Parking information

Three Screens Solution from Envivio is Key to Delivering 3G Mobile TV Across China

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Envivio Inc. announced that its Three Screens solution based on the 4Caster C4 encoding system has been used to launch four new 3G-based Mobile TV implementations across China. These new multi-channel services, including deployments by China Unicom, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Telecom and Xin Huashe, offer live and video on demand TV options to millions of subscribers. Envivio will demonstrate its entire portfolio of solutions for Mobile, IPTV and Internet service delivery at CCBN 2010 (Hall 3, Stand 3401) in Beijing from March 23-25.

“Envivio’s flexible platform for Three Screens services enables operators to quickly deploy a solution that matches their specific service goals,” said Julien Signès, President and CEO at Envivio. “It enables them to easily bypass technical challenges and focus on developing compelling TV services that look great and serve to attract and retain subscribers.”

These latest deployments are built on the 4Caster C4 Three Screens encoder from Envivio, which supports high quality compression for H.264 and AVS, and an extensive array of network protocols including DTMB and CMMB. The flexible software design of the 4Caster C4 enables it to readily adapt to evolving standards and local requirement and as a result has been widely adopted in China where it supports delivery to all Three Screens.

Envivio 4Caster C4 provides mobile consumers with a smooth, first-rate viewing experience similar to what they expect from cable or satellite TV in the home. Using quality-enhancements such as Envivio Elite and Extreme codecs, 4Caster C4 optimizes video streams for each handset’s video resolution and aspect ratio, from budget 3G devices to the most advanced iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and other smartphones. Advanced QoS with new adaptive bitrate streaming technologies ensures continuous viewing even under changing Wi-Fi or 3G network conditions. The flexible Envivio software architecture enables the company to readily add support for new devices and ongoing quality enhancements.

BlackArrow Provides VOD Ad Insertion Technology for Comcast On Demand Service

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BlackArrow, a leading worldwide provider of advanced advertising solutions for New Television platforms, announced that its video-on-demand (VOD) ad insertion platform has gone live in Jacksonville, Florida with Comcast Corporation, the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communication products and services. Comcast has chosen BlackArrow’s Advanced Advertising System to lead its ad insertion technology for its On Demand programming.

BlackArrow’s Advanced Advertising System gives programmers and cable operators a real-time, multiplatform campaign management and decision system for offering more timely and relevant ads in their On Demand sessions. Traditionally, advertising campaigns in video-on-demand content have had limited effectiveness due to the static nature of the ads being encoded directly into the VOD stream. In the Jacksonville market, Comcast is inserting standard 15- and 30-second promotional spots as well as newly introduced 20-second spots designed to drive tune-in for upcoming shows and specials on PBS KIDS Sprout and FEARnet in a dynamic environment.

Diana Kerekes, vice president of Video Content for Comcast, said, “The ability to update VOD advertising will help us offer feature parity with traditional linear and Internet-based advertising systems. We’re pleased to be working with a technology leader like BlackArrow as we look for ways to offer our programming partners expanded opportunities to monetize their content offerings.”

“Comcast has led the industry in creating new opportunities to reach consumers in the on-demand marketplace, and we’re excited to be working with them,” said Dean Denhart, chief executive officer, BlackArrow. “By combining BlackArrow’s expertise in advanced VOD advertising platforms with Comcast’s VOD leadership, we hope to expand the business model significantly for on-demand advertising.”

Performing Log file analysis with Sawmill

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Consider performing log file analysis with Sawmill. If you have some log files that you need to analyze, Sawmill is an excellent tool for this purpose. The log analysis tool can process almost any log on the planet. What’s also nice is you can customize reports, use macros, apply filters and zoom in to analyze data even more. With Sawmill you can resolve domain names, create users, assign user roles and perform a host of other task. A feature I think is very cool is the ability to create users accounts and assign them a Statistics Visitor role. This means you can have the user log-in from anywhere with Internet access to view stats without having access to Administrative settings. There are many more features found in this tool. You should at least download a 30 day trial of Sawmill. Get some Firewall, Web Server, Streaming Server, System, or FTP logs and analyze them with this tool.

1-Day Wirecast Live Streaming Training

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Class Summary:
wordmark-wirecastOur Wirecast Live Streaming training will get you familiar with Live Streaming Wirecast and many of the features available in the program.  This class will have you up and running with Wirecast 7 quickly.  This training is great for non-technical professionals as well as video editors, webcast producers, web developers, producers and other media professionals. Whether you’re using a Wowza Streaming Engine, YouTube, Ustream or your on Flash Streaming Server, this class will benefit you.  Our class will also get you familiar with the Wirecast Cam and Web Stream streaming features. In addition to learning about the many features of Wirecast, our class will provide you with many great ideas for delivering your live streaming events.

Students will learn the following in this training:

  • How to set up Live Streaming to Wowza Streaming Engine
  • How to configure Live Streaming to Facebook
  • How to set up Live streaming to Content Delivery Networks
  • How to use the ISO  Recording feature in Wirecast for Live Streaming
  • How to set-up Program Replays with Live Streams
  • How to  implement Live Streaming using Video Playlists
  • How to enable Twitter Feeds into Live Streaming events
  • How to record Live Streams to disk
  • How to utilize Wirecast Cam and Web Stream in Live Streaming events
  • How to use lower thirds during your Webcasts
  • How to Live Stream using capture devices

Cost: $790
Class is available for Mac and PC platforms

Students are provided with the following:

  • Training certificate
  • 3 hours of post training technical support
  • Video recording of the entire training session

Software Featured in the class:

wirecastwirecast go



Class Overview

1. Live Streaming to Wowza Streaming Engine

This section of the training will cover the procedure for setting up Live streaming using Wowza Streaming Engine. Students will learn all of the necessary Wirecast configurations to stream live to the streaming server.  This portion of the class will show students the items that need to be set-up on Wowza Streaming Engine for Live Streaming to work properly.  You’ll also learn how to configure your streaming for playback on Android and iOS devices.

2. Live Streaming with Facebook Live

This section of the training will cover the procedure for setting up streaming to Facebook Live using Wirecast.  Students will learn all of the necessary Wirecast configurations  to stream live to the social media platform.  You’ll learn how to delivery Live Streams to Posts, Groups, and Events.  You’ll also learn how to configure your Privacy setting and Stream Type.

3. Live streaming to Content Delivery Networks (Ustream, YouTube, & Twitch)

Learn how to perform live encoding to your Content Delivery Network.  You’ll see first hand the available options and settings for use with the Top CDNs and what information needs to be included in your Wirecast destination.  This training module will include showing students how to send Live Streams to Ustream, YouTube, & Twitch.

4. Using the ISO Recordings in Wirecast Live Streaming Events 

With Wirecast, you can use ISO recordings which is a tremendous benefit.  The portion of the training will assist you in set-up your ISO source and configuring your settings.  You’ll also learn about the various options with the the ISO  Recording  feature.  You’ll also learn how to configure Hotkeys for your ISO  recording.

5. Using Program Replays  with Live Streams

This training class also teaches students how to set up Program Replays.  Students will learn how to use create replays, start replays, and update replays.  You’ll also learn how to use the Mark In for Replays.

6. Live Streaming Using Video Playlists 

This training module will show users how to implement Video Playlists for Live Streaming events. You’ll  learn how to include name playlists, add videos to playlists, and configure playlist settings.

7.  Enabling Twitter Feeds into Live Streaming Events 

What’s great about Wirecast is that you can enable the ability  to view Twitter Feeds within your Live Streams. Attendees will learn how to configure Twitter Feeds into Live Streaming events in this portion of the training.  You’ll learn how to authenticate your Twitter  account within Wirecast, display your Message Feed, and configure your rotation of messages.  You’ll also learn how to choose to display your User Timeline, Home Timeline, or Favorites.  Most importantly, attendees will learn how to select which messages will be displayed Live.

8. Recording Files to Disk and Streaming to Multiple Destinations

This portion of the class teaches students how to record Webcasts to disk for archiving or On-demand. This feature is great when you need an desktop recording of you Live Streaming event or activity.  You instructor will teach you how to configure your compression settings for recording to MOV, MP4, and WMV containers.  You’ll learn what  The instructor will also show students how to stream Live video to Multiple Destinations. In addition, attendees will learn how to configure customized encoding settings for Live Streaming.

9. Capture Device Set-up 

This portion of the class teaches students how to configure a Capture Device in Wirecast.  There are many external devices that work with Wirecast, and this training module will show you how they can be configured.  You’ll also learn how to configure Audio Properties and the System Device Properties for your device.

10. Wirecast Cam and Web Stream Set-up 

In this part of the training student will learn how to set up Wirecast Cams and Web Streams in Wirecast.  As your instructor teaches about the Wirecast Cam feature, you’ll learn how to use your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) as a remote camera.  In addition, you’ll learn how to stream content from your iPhone and iPad using Wirecast Go.  You’ll also learn about Web Streams in this portion of the training. This gives users the ability to take IP Cameras or other network cameras into Wirecast using such protocols as RTMP, RTSP, MMS, or HTTP.

11. Utilizing other Wirecast features (Screen capture, Picture-N-Picture, Titles and Audio)

Students will learn how to configure and utilize the following in this portion of the training: Screen capture, Picture-N-Picture, Titles and Audio.

Give us a call about signing up to attend one of our Wirecast Live Streaming Trainings On-line, On-site, or Columbus, Ohio.  Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or e-mail us at  Individuals from any country can attend our On-line training classes.