Mediasite Deliveries Webcasts with Synched Slides

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Mediasite deliveries webcasts with synched slides. This high-end webcasting tool utilizes it’s own Mediasite server and encoder. It’s a costly tool but it simplifies the webcasting process. In many educational institutions, companies, and organizations this type of streaming tool would be useful. There’s a need to have live streaming events where viewers can watch a webcast and see video of the presenter as well as their PowerPoint slides. Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite tool provides this capability and many other features. With this streaming delivery option users can track webcast viewers, moderate questions, poll the audience, and even control who has access to view content. It’s a a great option for on-line teaching and training if you have a large budget. I’ll elaborate on more Mediasite features during my next blog post, so stay tuned.

You can call for Streaming consulting if you’d like to learn more about Mediasite and if it would work for your organization and projects. Contact Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 to get consulting on Mediasite. You can also e-mail us at

Ustream Producer Tools Powered by Wirecast

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Ustream Producer tools are powered by Telestream’s Wirecast technology.  This is great news for those needing to provide Live Streaming and aren’t using a streaming server.  What’s great about Ustream’s use of Wirecast is gives users access to many features of Wirecast such as:

  • Playing streaming videos during Live webcasts
  • Providing lower thirds during Live events
  • Streaming with multiple cameras
  • Having a Video production  switcher in software
  • Multiple layer switching for productions
  • Access to professional compression settings
  • The ability to send multiple  streams
  • Option to enable archiving of webcasts to disk

Keep in mind the features you have available are based on which version of Ustream Producer you buy. What’s also great is you can attend one of our Wirecast Live Streaming Trainings to get familiar with Ustream Producer and webcasting.

Give us a call about signing up to attend our Wirecast Live Streaming Training On-line.  Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.477.5837 for more information or E-mail us at  Individuals from any country can attend our On-line training classes.

Pixel Corps Streams Live from San Francisco with Telestream Wirecast

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Telestream, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, announced that its Wirecast live webcasting software was selected by Pixel Corps, a guild of digital media content creators, for use at two major events last week in San Francisco. Wirecast was used to stream live broadcasts from the floor at Macworld 2011 Expo, as well as from the Final Cut Pro User Group (FCPUG) Supermeet on Friday evening, January 28.

“Wirecast is the easiest way to switch multiple cameras and stream live to multiple destinations at multiple compression rates and resolutions,” said Alex Lindsay, Chief Architect at Pixel Corps. “I do not know of any other software system that is as flexible as Wirecast, in terms of being able to do all of this from one consumer computer. It’s a great live streaming production tool.”

At Macworld and the Supermeet, Lindsay used Wirecast to create lower third graphics and transitions, and streamed video broadcasts live to Pixel Corp’s website and to the Supermeet website. Lindsay also roamed the Macworld show floor with a live video backpack. These feeds, along with green screen 3D video and stereo broadcasting being were composited in Pixel Corps booth and submitted directly to Wirecast for live streaming and recording to disk.

Wirecast is live video production software for laptop and desktop computers that is available for a fraction of the cost of broadcast hardware equipment. Wirecast works just like a video switcher, controlling real-time switching between multiple cameras while mixing in other media such as pre-recorded video, audio, and graphics. With features such as chroma key, transitions, 3D graphics, and built-in titles, Wirecast offers high production value for the creation of professional webcasts.

More information about Wirecast and Telestream can be found at More information about Pixel Corps can be found at

Wirecast Live Streaming Consulting

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Wirecast Live Streaming consulting is available from Freeman Compression Inc.  If you’re working with Telestream’s Wirecast and need to deliver Live Streaming to QuickTime Streaming Server, Windows Media Streaming Server, Wowza Media Server 2, or a Content Delivery Network (CDN) give us a call for consulting services.  Freeman Compression Inc. can provide customized consulting for your next Live Streaming project with Wirecast.  Let us assist you with your Wirecast Live Streaming needs.  Contact us at 407.477.5837 or E-mail us at

Freeman Compression is available for the following services:

  • Live streaming set-up to Wowza Media Server 2 (Flash Streaming Server)
  • Live streaming set-up to QuickTime Streaming Server
  • Live streaming set-up to Windows Media Streaming Server (PC only)
  • Live streaming set-up to Content Delivery Networks, Ustream and Livestream
  • Archiving Webcasts to a Video File
  • Setting up Publishing Points
  • Live streaming using RTSP, MMS and RTMP Protocols
  • Live encoding using various video sources
  • Including PowerPoint, Keynote and .PDF presentations in your Webcasts
  • Including Picture-N-Picture in your Webcasts
  • Creating and using Lower Thirds during your Webcasts

ON24 Announces Full Windows 7 Support

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ON24, Inc., the global leader in webcasting and virtual event solutions, announced that it will be providing full support for webcasts and virtual shows on Windows 7. The launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system has been one of the most anticipated technology introductions of the year.

In addition, ON24 is announcing a beta program for select customers to execute online webcasts using Silverlight, Microsoft’s plug-in for creating rich interactive Web applications. “ON24 already offers Flash webcasts,” explained ON24 Chief Technology Officer Jayesh Sahasi. “With the introduction of Silverlight, we will be able to supplement the use of proprietary media players like RealPlayer and Windows Media Player with next-generation technology—for even greater reach and functionality.”

ON24 product development and support efforts are designed to maximize virtual event accessibility. “As our Windows 7 and Silverlight support demonstrates, providing ubiquitous access to virtual events is our priority,” said ON24 Chief Marketing Officer Denise Persson. “We are committed to providing to our customers the industry’s greatest reach.”