Tips for Video Delivery with YouTube-Part 1

Tips for Video Delivery with YouTube – Part 1. With so many features available with YouTube and the CDN becoming so popular, here’s a series that’ll provide some helpful tips when using YouTube as your Content Delivery Network.

Here’s how to add a title to your video:


Adding titles to videos

When you upload a video, in the Basic info. section you can input a title where you see “Concussion – MedNet21” listed.

You can also add a description as well as tags. Tags can be: Medical, College, Business, Compression, Encoding, or something similar. There will be a thumbnail created by default, but your can also add one created by you.


adding item to playlist

To add an item to a playlist, you first need to create a playlist. Then, you can add a video to that list by selecting “+Add to playlist” and selecting it similar to what’s below. In the example below “CME MedNet21” is the playlist name.


embedding YouTube videos

To embed your videos, click the “Share” button and then “Embed“.

remove show suggested videos

Notice on the”Embed” dialog “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” is likely checked by default. Uncheck this checkbox if you don’t want to see other random videos suggested to your viewers.

Keep these items selected since they’re helpful and provide a good user experience:

  • Show player controls
  • Show video titles and player actions

I’ll discuss how to create a playlist and how to add custom thumbnails in the next two parts of this YouTube series.

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