Use Wowza Streaming Engine to Stream IP Cameras

Use Wowza Streaming Engine to stream your IP Cameras. If you ever wanted to set up 24/7 Live Streams of places, venues, press conferences, and spectacular views, that’s just what Wowza can help you do. If Axis_214_PTZ_Camerayou want to get a better understanding of the possibilities visit ABC New’s Live Streaming website. I don’t know what streaming server is being used, but their Live cameras are great. The key part of configuring an IP Camera for Live Streaming is making sure you purchase the correct IP Camera.

If you need a consultant to assist you with configuring your IP Camera with Wowza, give us a call or send us an e-mail. You can Contact us about signing up to attend one of ourĀ 1-Day Wowza Streaming Engine Trainings On-line or On-site. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.797.5466 for more information or e-mail us at Contact us about training times for your country if you are an international student.