Utilizing Compression System Load in Squeeze

Utilizing Compression System Load in Squeeze Desktop is helpful when you want to take advantage of all of the CPU resources during encoding or if you don’t have the benefit of having a dedicated encoding workstation.

Compression System Load_Light

If you have an encoding workstation that does  nothing but encode videos (which I highly recommend), you can set your Compression System Load setting to Heavy. This means that Squeeze Desktop will use as much of your computer’s resources  as possible during your encoding job. Overall, this helps the video/videos to encode much quicker.

Compression System Load_Heavy

If your like many video editors, producers, and media professionals that don’t have a dedicated workstation for video editing, video encoding, and other tasks,  you’ll want to place your setting on Light. This will allow you to encode your videos and also work on other tasks.  I hope you like this quick tip for using Squeeze Desktop.

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