Video Streaming and Compression Training and Consulting Testimonials

“Derrick Freeman and his company Freeman Compression Inc provide a wealth of knowledge and the practical application of state of the art Video Streaming services. With the assistance of Mr. Freeman, we have been able to significantly improve our customers streaming services. Their vast and broad technical experience and their solutions were always both cost effective and realistic.”

Antonio Espinal
President, ITS Websites LLC

“Derrick was a godsend! I was building a streaming video web site,, and knew nothing with regard to the streaming video portion of it. Thanks to Derrick, I do now.”

“I contacted Derrick, explained my specific needs, we set up a time to work together online (He’s East coast. I’m West coast.) and within a few hours my site was streaming.”

“As I continued to build the site, I needed his expertise a couple of more times. He was always interested in my project. On one occasion I called him as he was flying out of Florida to an event. While at the event he kept my project at the top of his list and had an answer for me within a couple of days. My issue had presented him with a challenge and he made sure I had minimum down time. Once he had the answer, he also made the time to help me implement it. It was another one of those first-time things for me. So not only did he help me set it up, I also now know how to implement it for myself.”

“In all of our dealings, Derrick Freeman has shown a high level of knowledge and expertise. He is cost conscious. And he cares about his clients. Very professional. Not always easy to accomplish, particularly when doing it all on the phone. Derrick Freeman has done a great job for me.”

Tim Marshall
President, Tim Marshall Enterprises, Inc.

“I first worked with Derrick when I hired on as Station manager for the City of Dayton. He was a Production Technician then. I soon promoted him to Production Specialist. Through his own initiative he developed a process to stream our videos over the internet. Later He started his own company and I utilize his services regularly to keep my streaming operation up to date and running smoothly. Derrick has a deep understanding of his field and provides excellent service with a short turn-around time. He always thinks of his customers’ needs and finds a solution that work best for them.”

Randal Bellinger
DGTV Station Manager, City of Dayton

“I had no idea how to create a podcast. Derrick was extremely professional in showing me how to do this. Derrick really knows his stuff! I was fortunate enough to be the only one in the class. But I must say I liked the one on one training and the way that Derrick asked me what I wanted to get out of the class and gave me the specific training I requested and more.”

Mark Siple
Information Technology Professional, College of Medicine Information Systems
University of Vermont

Did the class answer the key questions that you had regarding streaming media?
“Yes, but it also brought up questions that I didn’t have before – Derrick did a great job answering these questions.”

James Gash
Disney’s Animal Kingdom

“The instructor took his time in the beginning to assess the experience level of the students in order to prevent going over redundant information allowing the class to concentrate on important information. Current and relevant information was given to students.”

Dusan Ilic
Defense Information School

“Derrick Freeman taught me how to use two different audio programs so that I could expand my speaking, writing and training with the use of audio. I find him to be a very knowledgeable and supportive coach and teacher. Not only is he technically proficient, he is also patient and tailors his sessions to the unique needs of his client.”

“I highly recommend him for consulting projects of all sizes, with clients ranging from corporate to entrepreneurial.”

Oshana Himot, MBA