Watching ROKU Channels at your Hotel or Resort

Watching ROKU Channels at your Hotel or Resort is almost straightforward, but you may need some assistance from Internet Technical Support. It’s outstanding that you can take your ROKU device on the road with you whether you have a ROKU Ultra, ROKU Streaming Stick, ROKU Express, or an older ROKU set-top box or device. Keep in mind, you’ll need to first connect to the Hotel’s or Resort’s wireless network before you can start viewing. Once that’s done viewing channels wil be easy to do.

If you run into any issues and cannot get your device to run on the Hotel or Resort network, contact Customer Support or Internet Technical Support for the place you’re staying. They can remedy this issue by adding your device to the network by adding the MAC address of your ROKU device. You’ll know you’re having this issue if you’re not prompted for a password while connecting to Wi-fi and the device displays “Connected” within your settings.

Also, make sure you have the log-in credentials for your cable/content provider should you need to set up channels again on the new network.

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