WebM Container Format Utilized to Delivery VP8 and VP9

WebM Container Format Utilized to delivery VP8 and VP9. The landscape for video formats continues to change, and if you didn’t know, you’ll need to get familiar with WebM. Why? It’s because it’s one of the formats available for HTML5 video delivery. When you hear of HTML5 supported browsers, it means those browsers support WebM in addition to other HTML5 video formats I’ll discuss at another time.  As it relates to WebM, it’s a container much like .MOV, and .MP4 are containers. The WebM container supports video codecs such as VP8 and VP9. Audio codecs that are supported within the container are Vorbis and Opus.

WebM_encodingThe mime type, should you need it, is “video/webm” and the extension is .webm. So, if you’re encoding videos for web delivery, streaming delivery, or any other type of delivery your output file will be .webm. During encoding, you’ll use either the VP8 or VP9 codec in your compression preset for the video section of your encoding tool, and you’ll use Vorbis or Opus in the audio section.  For additional reading, you can learn more about the WebM Container Format on the The WebM Project website.

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