Why FX Now Is My Favorite ROKU Channel

Why is FX Now my favorite ROKU Channel? There are several reasons why I feel they have the best streaming experience on ROKU. Let me share some of them with you. The group that designed and developed the FX Now Channel, which includes FX’s network of channels, deserves many kudos. First, FX Now has the best on-demand library of movies available for those that subscribe to cable or their television network. Second, the movies are seperated into various genres to help viewers find the type of movie you’re looking for.

In addition, if you can’t find a movie to watch in the on-demand library, you can navigate through their five Live TV streaming channels listed below:

  • FX East
  • FX West
  • FXX East
  • FXX West
  • FXM

Between the Live TV channels and the on-demand content, it’ll be hard not to be able to find a program or movie to watch. Overall, FX Now just has better video content (in my opinion) than many other ROKU channels, and it’s free to view if you’re already a subscriber. These are some of the reasons why FX Now is my favorite ROKU Channel.

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