Wirecast Live Streaming Great for Churches

Wirecast Live Streaming is a great option for Churches.  With limited budgets Churches can get the benefit of having a full video production studio on their desktop. Usually when you do a full scale production a video switcher is needed but Wirecast actually becomes that switcher.  This gives you a very inexpensive option to switch from videos for playback, camera sources, and presentations.  Wirecast includes a Preview and Program window so you can see which sources are in Preview and which ones are in Program (Live).

Now with using a tool such as Wirecast for Live Streaming you can think about your production for your Live Streaming event in a more professional way.  You need to plan on having a Director to switch your event and you should have a Producer that maps out all of the activity happening during your event.  Next, the Producer should create a script that has all of the speakers that will participate in the Live Streaming event.  He/She should also document all the cameras and sources to use during the production.  Lastly, the easy part is to follow the script and use Wirecast to do your switching.  If you’d like to get up close and personal with Wirecast make sure you attend one of our Wirecast Live Streaming Trainings or one of our Wowza Media Server Trainings. Call Freeman Compression Inc. at 407.797.5466 or E-mail us at info@freemancompression.com for more information.

Also, If you are a Church that needs to deliver a lot of on-line video content and Live Streaming you should consider Creating TV Channel Style Live Streaming.  This gives you the power to have your own On-line Video Channel using Wowza Media Server 2.